10 Fun Pumpkin Ideas for Fall

The other day I was searching for a pumpkin post in the archives when I discovered that I have a whole lot of posts that include pumpkins. This probably stems from my deeply embedded love for fall, but even I was surprised how many there were. So, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my ten favorite pumpkin posts. 
This is gonna be fun right?! Let’s get on with it…my top ten favorite pumpkin posts.
I mean it has an actual branch for a stick. What’s not to love?
The most adorable treat envelope ever.

The easiest treat you will ever make! Two ingredients.
I love how the white pumpkins have a totally different mood!
If you can fold paper in half, you can make these!
Duct tape is a girls best friend.
Starbucks knock off, like drinking fall.
No sew cloth pumpkins for the littles to toss.
Made with dollar store supplies.
Like the originals with a little surprise.
You think that’s a lot of pumpkins? I had even more posts that didn’t make the list. I’m telling you, I love fall and I can’t wait for it to get here! The kids are back in school and it has even started cooling down just slightly. Can’t wait to hear the leaves crunching and head on down to the pumpkin patch!
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