About Michelle

The Mrs.

and her four boys…



Make that three sons and the most awesome geeky chic husband anyone could ask for.
I’m your resident SAHM with a flair for projects for those on a budget and on the go.

I know what you might be thinking…A Little Tipsy? Nope. Sorry, I don’t drink. Like ever. Bask in the irony. 
Before my career as full time mommy, I had a stint as a flight attendant, graduated from BYU with a degree in Advertising and worked for a few years in marketing/advertising spending millions of other people’s money each month. It was fantastic!

I have a thing for creamy soup, nutella, cereal treats, shopping, upcycling, traveling, the beach, Disney, making my little guys laugh and most everything involving the color gray. 
I like cherries, but hate cherry flavoring and like almonds, but hate almond flavoring. I refuse to accept that popcorn is not a meal and here’s a shocker…I don’t drink Diet Coke. 
My mom recently informed me that I am her girliest daughter, which was news to me. I am surrounded by boys, so I suppose I need to balance it out somehow.  

We love our life here in the good ol’ Beehive state and are having fun decorating our first (though we’ve now been here 9 years) home.