Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mom of Boys: Comic Relief for Moms of the Male Variety {round 9}

A few months ago, I began jotting down things I hear from my boys because, well, they make me laugh. It's now turned in to a full on Mom of Boys series on the 3rd Sunday of each month. It gives me a good reminder each month why I love my silly boys so much. If you missed our first Mom of Boys posts be sure to go back!

Let's explain how this will work and who things were said by...

A = my skinny, karate obsessed, 6 year old  
L = my spunky, snack loving, 3 year old
J = my geeky chic husband
M = me aka mom of boys

This is in no way meant to be a parenting lesson. Just a little peek into our crazy and at times comical lives. 
Mom of boys...things you never thought you'd hear in your home, then you birthed a boy.
A: How strong is a baby? Not very strong.
D: A Little strong, they can squeeze your finger. 
A: As strong as an ant alone.

L: Remember that vacuum in the hall in Hawaii? (He’s never been to Hawaii)

L: Mom you are like Perry the Platypus.
M: Oh really, why? Cause I save the day?
L: Ya.

L: I have lots of ideas.
M: Oh really, tell me one of your ideas.
L: They have lots of candies and lots of pizzas. But, one of the pizzas is grody so here is the garbage can (motions). Throw.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun Patches for Boys Pants

Anyone else have little boys who go through pants like wildfire? They look perfectly fine one day and the next you are pulling them out of the wash with holes in the knees? Well, I am expecting boy number three and poor kid is going to have a wardrobe full of hand me down hole in the knee jeans, so I went on a quest to find fun ways to patch those knees and stretch the clothing dollar. Check out these creative patching solutions!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Subway Art and Mantle Decor

Do you ever feel like the true meaning of a holiday gets lost in the shuffle? Behind the Easter eggs, baskets, and chicks there is true meaning of rebirth and resurrection. I decided I wanted the main shelf/mantle area in my front room to focus on the true celebration of Easter and I love how it came together!

I gathered things I already had on hand:
But, I needed something a little more with a bit of color. I love the dark plum in the print and egg ribbon so I thought I would run with it. I love how deep purple is so elegant and royal, it seemed fitting for such a display. I grabbed some plum cardstock and my metallic Cricut pen because I thought it would be awesome to have some "hand-written" art. I found this Easter word collage and knew it would be perfect!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rainbow JELL-O Recipe

Rainbow JELL-O is not new. I had seen it many times, but was intimidated. It looked like A LOT of work. With spring here I decided I wanted to make a fun colorful treat and put my big girl pants on to brave the gelatin rainbow.