Pumpkin Game

A fun little activity for fall could be disguised in your scrap fabric! This cute pumpkin game uses things you probably already have lying around the house and only takes a few minutes to throw together.



{3 Fabric Pumpkins}

  • Scrap Fabric (three 18 inch squares)
  • 9 plastic grocery bags
  • Green ribbon
  • Hot Glue

{Pumpkin Board}

  • I used Styrofoam packaging from my new dishwasher, but you could make something similar by cutting a board or a big piece of cardboard.

1. Lay out an 18 inch square of fabric. Scrunch up 3 plastic bags and place them in the center.

2. Tie two of the corners around each other.

3. Tie the other two corners in a knot.

4. Fold all the fabric tails up in to a point. Leave one out, but roll the other three down in to a “stem.” Wrap the remaining tail around the stem and secure with hot glue.

5. Cover the stems with ribbon, securing with hot glue. Then, add curly vines out of ribbon securing with hot glue.

6. Make a the pumpkin game board by cutting a pumpkin shape out of your styrofoam, board or cardboard.

Prop it up outside and give your pumpkin game a go!

You can even use your pumpkin game in a clear area inside when the weather turns cold because the fabric pumpkins are like pillows and won’t scratch or break anything.

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  1. says

    This is a really cute idea! I know it would be perfect for upcoming Halloween parties. Thanks for sharing! Don’t forget about Show & Share starting Wednesday. :)

  2. says

    Wow! How creative! That looks so much fun! My kids would love this!! (especially my 1 year old son who I think is going to be a professional pitcher!! He is all about throwing things!!) 😉

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