Pumpkin Wreath

I shared this fun pumpkin wreath over on Every Creative Endeavor last week, but wanted to share here for anyone who missed it.
Wanna make a wreath? I am am loving the texture and harvest feeling wreath adds to my wall!
It’s not the traditional fall colors, but I adore the neutral theme.

Supplies needed:
Two nesting embroidery hoops
Twist ties
Linen (about 12 in. x 54 in.)
Ten white mini pumpkins
Hot glue or Amazing goop or other super strong glue
Fabric scrap
Fabric glue
Wood letters
How to make a wreath:
1. Twist tie the embroidery hoops together as tight as possible to ensure stability.
2. Rip the linen in to 4 inch strips. Hot glue fabric to the hoops ruffling as you go along. Use a lot of glue so it adheres well. Here’s what it will look like on each side.

3. Arrange your pumpkins on the linen. Begin gluing them starting with the bottom of the pumpkin and then attaching any fabric that touches the sides with glue. Make sure they are very secure with hardly any movement.

4. Add additional security and dimension by using the leftover 2 inch strips of linen. Cut them in to four inch pieces and ruffle placing between the pumpkins and securing with glue.

5. Make a mini pennant banner by cutting small triangles out of fabric and slightly larger triangles out of cardstock. I used a pinking shear edge on the fabric for added interest. Use the fabric glue to adhere the fabric to the cardstock. Attach the wood letters to the triangles with fabric glue. Hot glue the triangles  to the ribbon.
6. Attach your pennant to two of the pumpkin stems by tying two loops around the stems in a knot.

7. Hang using a system that can hold a lot of weight. I have a screw in a stud. DO NOT hang on a door or something else that moves. The wreath cannot withstand movement or swinging. 

Enjoy your fun fall pumpkin wreath!

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