Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tangled Frying Pan Shirt

This was by far the most popular shirt I have ever made. Everyone at Disneyland raved about it: the guests, hotel staff, cast members, and of course Rapunzel herself. We got comment after comment on it and it was one of the easiest shirts to make.

All you need is a t-shirt, white and gray heat transfer, and a silhouette.

I used the frying pan image here and using the silhouette software altered it slightly to have more space between the circles and then used the Candara font bolded for the words.

If you have never used heat transfer just follow the directions on the box or there is a great tutorial here on Homemade by Jill. Just basically remember to reverse the image before you cut. Also, I found the gray heat transfer to be a bit more temperamental than the white so it may take a little longer to adhere with your iron.

It really was so simple and I still love it every time he puts it on.

 Even Rapunzel herself thought the frying pan shirt was great and we couldn't help but take a picture with her pan hung on the wall.

Wednesdays through January

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Attempting Aloha said...

That made me laugh out loud. My kids and I quote that show all the time. That one is one of our favorites (along with "You broke my smolder"). :)


Natalie said...

I'm loving these Flynn shirts. My daughter just had a princess birthday party and she wanted to be Rapunzel so I ran by the Disney store to see if they had a Flynn shirt for my son. Nope! Looks like the only way to get one is to make it. Thanks for the cute ideas!

KAT said...

lovin this idea. 'whooda thunk' is another of my fav expressions.

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

That is awesome!

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

Very cute and your model is adorable!

Jacqueline said...

Could this be done with a cricut?

WestFamOf3 said...

Do you have any of these shirts for sale? I'd LOVE to buy one for my son for our trip to Disney!

Michelle Barneck said...

@WestFamof3 Ufortunately, I do not sell them. Sorry. Maybe one of your friends has a silhouette and could cut one for you?