Make a Water Bottle

With the New Year upon us and health on our minds one thing we are doing is drinking more water. There are a few things that make kids drink more water and making it fun is key. Kids love choices so we let them choose their own bottle and what they wanted on it to make a water bottle just for them.

Lincoln needed easy open, Aiden wanted the one with a snack cup in the bottom, I wanted a bottle with a filter and dad of course wanted whatever bottle we already had that was free.
Our bottles are Disney themed because we made them for our trip to Disneyland. These were heaven sent on long unseasonably hot days last fall.  
Each person picked a mickey mouse silhouette and then I cut them out of vinyl with my craft cutter. We also added our names so they would be even more personalized. The kids loved having their own bottle and we loved having a drink on hand to give them any time the crankies set in.
Another great tip is to buy a huge carabiner. They sell them in the baby section, but they are cheaper in the sports/camping section. They are perfect for hooking all the water bottles together to hang from a stroller or backpack, which is great because then they also ward off people who may mistake your stroller for theirs.
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    Love all your Disneyland ideas! The water bottle comment cracks me up “i wanted one with a filter, dad wanted whatever we already had that was free” sounds just like our house :) Hope you guys had a great trip!

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