Disney Countdown

A Disney trip is definitely something to look forward to so we created a fun countdown to turn up the excitement, but also help prepare us for the trip. I saw this fun Disney countdown and put my own spin on it.


Each chain link on the Disney countdown had an activity for the day. You can download the printable Disney countdown activity list here.
  1. Color a Disney picture
  2. Which 3 characters do you most want to meet?
  3. Make Disney characters out of playdough
  4. Play Disney scene it
  5. Choose a light up toy for parades & fireworks
  6. Sing your favorite Disney song
  7. Write a letter to your favorite Disney character
  8. Play Disney games on the computer
  9. Dress like pirates and dance to yo ho a pirate’s life for me & the jake & the neverland pirates theme song
  10. Make mickey oreos
  11. Find the hidden mickeys around the house (cut them out with my cricut and hung them around the basement)
  12. Make a Disney water bottle
  13. Watch Disney videos on you tube
  14. Play Disneyland or rush on xbox Kinect
  15. Make tags for the stroller and luggage
  16. Name the 3 rides you are most looking forward to.
  17. Make mickey mousse. 
  18. Have a Disney Pajama party and watch a Disney movie.
  19. What should we do if we get lost? Make tattoos with phone number.
  20. Make mickey pancakes
The kids loved having fun activities everyday and I loved that it kept me on task to get some trip preparations done in advance. This really did create a great atmosphere in our home before leaving on our trip!

Inspired by:
Mickey Mousse We used Oreo pudding and added the chocolate mickey on top.
Mickey Oreos We used Nerds for buttons.

Wednesdays through January

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  1. says

    I am copying your countdown calendar now as it is 50 days until our USA and Disneyland holiday! Could I ask how you attached the ears to your black loops?

  2. says

    I made this last night, one for my son, and one for my daughter! They’re going to hang like a banner in their room until we get down to 20 days. (We’re at about T minus 30 right now — they’re already excited!) Also, the original blog on getawaytoday.com updated theirs to have a Minnie version as well. http://www.getawaytoday.com/blogs/2013/11/19/Disneyland-Vacation-Countdown-Chain-Tutorial
    Thank you for posting this super cute idea! My kids love it, and I think my sister in law is super jealous of them. :D


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