DIY Disney Tattoos for Kids

With two curious little boys I was nervous that one of them would get lost in the crowds at Disneyland. They aren’t quite old enough to know their phone number, so I decided tattooing it right on them would be the next best thing. I created fun Disney themed tattoos for kids using free images, a little creative wording, and some Silhouette’s printable tattoo paper.
Tattoos for Kids
I put the tattoos on the inside of their forearm so my phone number would not be broadcast, but would be there if needed.
Our tattoos for kids read as follows:
  • Lightning McQueen: If I’m driving solo please call…#
  • Finn McMissile: If I made a stealthy getaway, please call #
  • Peter Pan: If I’m a lost boy, please call…#
  • Nemo: If my dad is looking for me, please call #
  • Pirate Mickey: If you found our little treasure call #
Here is the template I used to create tattoos for each day. It used a half sheet of tattoo paper and just printed them right on following package directions.
Wednesdays through January
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    • Crystal says

      I agree, I would love some for my little girl when we got to Disneyland. My dad has stage 4 cancer and we wanted to take the grandkids to Disneyland before my dad is no longer able to go.

  1. says

    love these for the boys!
    I’m going to make a snow white: “if I’m lost in the woods” and a Rapunzel: “”If I’m a lost princess” for my girly girl! :)

  2. says

    @Jillyn You can add the numbers using a program like photoshop or in a free online program like picmonkey. Just upload as a picture and add text.

    As for how they held up, I was actually quite surprised how well they wore. My boys are both young and extremely active and they held up through water rides, naps, and all.

  3. says

    I just wanted to thank you for these. I haven’t printed them out yet, but I’ve got the file edited and the tattoo sheets coming in the mail. My 3 year old is a wild man, and these are going to make me feel a little more at ease with him running around Disneyland next week.

  4. Leslie Pack says

    My family was at Disneyland last week. We had 8 grandkids between the ages of 1 and 5. We put temporary tattoos with are cell numbers on them. We lost an almost four year old three times. We would get a phone call immediately and he was back with us. I love your Disney tattoos, they are cuter than the ones I had. I was grateful for the idea.

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