Flynn Rider Wanted Poster Shirt

My boys love the movie Tangled which is great because I love it too! I wanted some fun boy themed Disney shirts for our Disneyland trip and thought the Flynn Rider wanted poster would be perfect. I cannot tell you how many compliments we got from other Disney guests as well as cast members. The Flynn Rider shirts were by far the most popular out of the 13 I made (I know, I have a problem) for our our trip.

  • T-shirt
  • Cardboard
  • Silhouette
  • Contact Paper
  • Transfer Tape
  • Black Fabric Ink
  • Elmer’s Blue Painters Marker
  • Iron
The shirt is actually easier than you might think. Follow the tutorial here to create a stencil of the image. Since you are creating a stencil and not using heat transfer DO NOT flip it horizontally. Just cut the image as is once it is traced.
I wanted to save some money and used contact paper for the stencil rather than the stencil vinyl. It totally worked! Just be careful because the contact paper is very thin, even thinner than regular vinyl so adjust cut settings accordingly.
Once you have the stencil of the Tangled wanted poster cut, transfer to your shirt using transfer tape to keep everything aligned correctly. Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the ink from bleeding. Then, blot the black fabric ink over the stencil with a foam brush. Color in the royal crest with the blue painter’s marker.

Once the ink dries, remove the stencil and admire the awesomeness of your new Flynn Rider shirt.

Even Rapunzel herself was a big fan of the shirt!

Wednesdays through January
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