Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stenciled Glass Vase #12MonthsofMartha

  • Glass Vase
  • Martha Stewart Satin Paint in Pool
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Laser Cut Stencils
  • Martha Stewart Spray Adhesive
  • Martha Stewart Pearl Paint in Aquarium
  • Foam Brush
  • Martha Stewart Sprayable Gloss Enamel Finish


1. Pour the satin acrylic paint inside the vase around the sides and swirl, rotate, and tap to coat evenly. Let it dry overnight.

2. Spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive so it will stick to your vase and help make the stencil lines crisper. Using your foam brush dob the pearl paint over the stencil. It may create little bubbles, but they will go away.

3. Let the paint dry completely, then spray a thin even coat of the gloss enamel to protect it.

4. Place a smaller vase or cup inside the painted vase to protect the paint from water. (I used one of those kid's cups they give you at restaurants.) Fill your stenciled glass vase with bright spring blooms and enjoy a little of the outside in!

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Disclosure: Martha Stewart provided product to complete this post. The idea and opinions are my own.


Frances Kendrick said...

Love how your vase turned out!! So creative!! And the color is perfect!!

Take care,

mail4rosey said...

This came out really pretty, and I agree with Frances, the color is perfect for this time of year!

Christine said...

Absolutely beautiful Michelle! Love it!

Eclectically Vintage said...

Love the sheen of the pearl paint!

Katie said...

Love your glass vase for this months Martha box!

Michele Alger said...

Great idea and oh so fun and personal! Thanks for sharing ;)

Danielle Doerr said...

What a great idea! I had no idea you could use regular craft paints on glass like that! I'm hosting a "Craft With What You've Got" party and the featured crafting supply this week is craft paints. This project would fit in perfectly! I'd love for you to link it up here.

Danielle at Framed Frosting