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Valentine’s is past and I’m feeling the green! I love St. Patrick’s Day not only because it is super fun decor, but because my ancestor had a part in it. No really, he was the guy who kidnapped St. Patrick. Pretty funny right? Anyhow I wanted a project I could do with my 5 year old and this shamrock banner was just the ticket. It has got to be the easiest St. Patrick Craft ever! You need only four supplies.

The Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch is meant to make decorative circles like these, which are awesome and versatile which I love. But, I like to think out of the box and see what else it might be able to do besides paper circles.
I discovered that the punch lines up perfectly with the curves of the shamrock. Tra la, what a day!
I got to work punching the edges of all the plain green shamrocks. I figured the glitter ones were enough on their own.
I adore how the punch adds a more Celtic feel!
Next just get your glue dots and glue the shamrocks to the jute alternating punched and glittered. Be sure to use a few glue dots, or the shamrocks will fall off.

Now just find the perfect place to hang it, below a shelf, on a mantle, on a railing, you decide.
Disclosure: I was provided product from Martha Stewart Crafts as a part of 12 Months of Martha. All opinions and ideas are my own. I am an Amazon affiliate.
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    Ha! Great minds DO think alike! After your comment I had to stop by & see if you posted about it! LOVE the punch on yours! Very cool!! :) Also great idea on the glue dots–even easier than the hole-punching I did!: )

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