Creative Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great way to add pops of color without committing to a large expensive piece. I used three chunky frames in my new office/craft room to house quotes that I love. 
I started with these thrift store frames…
and with a few coats of Valspar gloss spray paint in Exotic Sea, a little vinyl, cork, and creativity ended up with these fun additions to my craft space.

I love this reminder to simply Make Something Today. That’s really what this space is all about. Creating something whatever it may be.

I think as women we sometimes have a hard time saying “NO.” This quote reminds me to fill my time with things that better my life and clear it of what may be good, but is just cluttering my life from what is best. It reads, “respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”
This last one is my favorite of the creative picture frames in my space. I simply inserted a piece of cork and added a printed quote with a push pin. I love the dimension and texture it adds to the space. The quote says, “Be you. Be true. Love what you do.”
What do you think? Have you used creative picture frames to update or add color to a space?

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    I used an old frame to make a weekly menu for my fridge. My husband gets to go home for lunch, so it’s his responsibility to get something out for supper. It was always a surprise to us both what would be on the table for supper. Anyway, I used scrapbook paper for the background and then glued an adorable clip to insert the weekly menu. I then glued magnets on the back and stuck it to the fridge. Now everyone knows what’s for supper!

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