Tie Party

As many of you know my littlest guy just turned one. It’s a tradition in our family (you know since we’ve done it twice now) to go all out for their first birthday party. It’s a big milestone and besides that mommy can do whatever she chooses because at one the birthday boy doesn’t care to have any input. Yay! I decided on a Little Guy in a Tie party theme, but was struggling with a color scheme until I found the shirt.
Thank you Target for providing the perfect shirt for the occasion (which everyone at the party thought I made) and thus deciding the color scheme for me. You may have also spotted the “perfect shirt” on my oldest in my DIY photo booth post.
What’s a tie party without a tie party banner?
Cut out ties and letters with my silhouette and attached it all with glue dots.
And what’s a tie party banner without a whole bunch of food to match. I thought it would be fun to make all of the food in the color scheme of green, white and black. Sounds weird, but there is a surprising amount of tasty food in those colors.
On the menu:
-Water with Lime
-Pinwheel wraps
-Green Grapes
-Green Apple Slices
-Green onion & cream cheese appetizer
-Build your own salad:
mixed greens
grilled chicken
mozzarella cheese
green onions
boiled eggs
ranch dressing
poppyseed dressing
Menu continued:
-Tortilla Chips
-Spinach Dip
-Potato Chips
-Veggie Tray:
sugar snap peas
dill dip
-Sourdough Bread
-Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Spread
-Linda’s Cheesy Chip Dip
(Large tub cottage cheese, 8 oz. cream cheese room temp, slightly less than 1/2 tsp of onion salt and garlic salt, mix together with a hand mixer)
Kiddie Menu:
-Apple Juice
-Diced Pears
-String Cheese
-Natural White Cheddar Cheetos
Printable food labels from the adorable Halloween Pack from Kiki Creates.
More food I ran out of time to put out:
-Pear slices
-Green Jello with Cool Whip
-PB&J on white bread
This post is getting rather lengthy so we will break it off now, but stay tuned for posts on tie party activities, treats, & take homes.

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    What a very special day, for a very cute little guy! You did a fabulous job! I need to get started now for my son’s first birthday party in February, you have set the bar high. :)

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