Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Photo Booth

We celebrated my son's first birthday on Saturday. {tear} One year is a big milestone so we always go all out for the first party. We had a big gathering with entire families so I wanted a lot of activities that all ages could enjoy. The theme was "Little Guy in a Tie" so of course a photo booth with lots of props would be perfect. But of course I am what some might call, ahem, cheap. So, of course ours was a DIY Photo Booth. It was a huge hit and well worth the effort!

DIY Photo Booth

Giant Poloroid:
2 sheets foam core
Exacto knife
Clear Packing tape

DIY Photo Booth Props:

Mustaches & Lips:

Funny glasses:
3D glasses from the movie theatre
Clown and Nose glasses from dollar tree

Courtesy of my parents collection

I had the hubs hang the poloroid in front of a chalkboard (our party was held at our church so we could fit everyone) so we would have a plain background. Would have preferred he use fishing line rather than bright blue rope, but we'll just call it kitschy.

Set up the props and let the guests have at it!

We will be enjoying these DIY photo booth pics for years to come! Now to post and tag on Facebook. ;)

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Ashley said...

cute!! happy late birthday to him!

Jesy said...

love it :) looks like so much fun!

Photo Booth said...
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Brooke @ The Crafting Chicks said...

Fun idea!!! I love the gigantic polaroid frame! :)

Lyndi said...

Love the idea - I made one for my sister's wedding and loved it!