Toasty Heart Valentine Breakfast

Here’s a fun little Valentine Breakfast idea I like to lovingly call the Toasty Heart. Yep, totally just made that up. It warms your heart doesn’t it. ha ha So all you do is use a cookie cutter to make a hole in your bread (buttered on each side so it will “toast”) then add an egg in the center. Cook like a fried egg.

Butter the little heart toast and throw it in the pan to toast.

Nice and golden brown.

Then, dip your little toast to your hearts content. While growing up, my parents would make these for us all the time. Not with a heart, they would cut out the hole with the rim of a glass. They called them Egyptian Sandwiches. Why, heaven only knows. They traveled to Egypt multiple times, but when they took me along a few years ago these were no where in site.

Why stop the lovey dovey breakfast with toast? This apple heart with caramel dip was just the ticket for my little health nut.

I just used caramel ice cream topping in the little dish for dip.

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    My sister is OBSESSED with this breakfast… its called “Egg in a hole.” I will be visiting her in a few weeks and CAN’T WAIT to make her this with a cute design…. thanks for the idea!

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    Bird in a nest is what I always called it also. I would use the cutouts to make sandwiches for daughters lunch. She thought she was so special since she always had shaped sammies at school, LOL

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    I love that you call it bird in a nest. That is much more logical than Egyptian Sandwich. I asked my mom tonight why we called them that. She said she babysat President Boyd K. Packer’s (He is my Dad’s uncle)kids for 6 weeks while he and Donna were on tour. Their kids taught her to make them and they called them Egyptian sandwiches. She has no idea why.

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    My family called them “Birdie-in-the-Nest”, so I guess something in that variation wins the Answer of the Week;-) but I’ve heard them called “Toad-a-Hole” as well. LOVE the heart!!:-)

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