Iron-on Version Shirts for Father’s Day or New Dads

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It seems simple to shop for the Dad who loves fishing or golf. But, what about those of us married to computer geeks? They already have their laptop, tablet, and accessories. And even if they didn’t, sometimes it is hard to know what would be best with all the tech lingo specs that can confuse even the most savvy. We love to make Dad something special for Father’s Day and involving the kids is a total bonus. With a new little one on the way I wanted some coordinating shirts for them to sport so what do you do with a Computer geek dad and soon to be three boys? I introduce the version shirt.

version shirts for computer geeks

Hubby is a software developer and is always talking about how they are getting the next version ready for launch so I thought how perfect to incorporate that into shirts with our brand new version on his way in August!

I wanted our version shirts to look like the old school command prompt screen so I chose green apple on black for the heat transfer vinyl. The process is so simple!

1. In the Cricut Design Software find a rounded rectangle and using Bookman Old Style font place the letters v 1.0 for Dad, v 2.0 for the first child, and so on in each rectangle. I sized the rectangles and letters according to the size of shirt. Now you are ready to cut.

2. Be sure to flip the letters horizontally before cutting so they won’t be backwards! Cricut Design software has a check box to remind you of this on the cut screen. Select the iron-on setting (I use a Cricut Explore so mine is on a dial on the machine) and you are good to go. Load the heat transfer vinyl shiny side down and cut.

3. Weed your vinyl removing all excess from between the designs.

iron on version shirts

4. Cut apart the rectangles and version groups to prepare for ironing. Preheat the iron on it’s hottest setting with the steam turned off. Place a black rectangle down 1-3 inches from the neck of the shirt (depending on size of shirt) with the shiny side up. Place a clean cloth over it (I use a tea towel) and press firmly for 30 -40 seconds. Let it cool a bit and check for adherance. If it lifts up try 20 more seconds. If it is stuck remove the clear sheet and place the letters in the center of the rectangle. Cover with cloth and iron as before.

version shirt iron on

That’s it! You have a personalized gift for Dad that appeals to his fabulously geeky nature!

Version shirts for dad and kids

These version shirts are a huge hit with the hubby and I can’t wait for version 4.0 to arrive so he can don his!

version 4 shirt for 3rd baby

Our little family just keeps getting better with each new version!

Computer geek version shirts

Ruched Rosette Legwarmers

Hi again! This is Terra from mama says sew with another sewing tutorial for you today. Its some ruched leg warmers. I originally pinned them about a year ago, and now that they are no longer available for sale, I thought I’d make my own.

They are really pretty simple, and I love them paired with her striped ruffle skirt.

I also made a rosette by gathering some wide satin ribbon into a rosette and then sewing a button in the middle. I am really loving the combination of gold and coral lately.
To make these, you will need:
  • Knit fabric (very important-it must stretch!)
  • Elastic-both 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch wide
  • Sewing supplies-thread, scissors, your machine
  • Optional: Rosettes (or supplies to make them)

First, start by cutting the fabric for your leg warmers. I used a pair of leggings for a guide. You want your fabric to be at least twice as long as the length you want the finished leggings to be (in this case, knee to ankle). My fabric is also folded in half the long way, to make it wide enough to go all the way around the leg.
Make sure your fabric stretches from side to side (the short way).
Mark where you want your ruching to start. You will do two rows of ruching per leg warmer. I folded in half, then folded in half again, leaving room for a seam allowance (shown on the left). I put two pins, one in the top layer of fabric and one in the bottom layer of fabric (shown on the right-just imagine you have x-ray vision and can see the other pin).
Pin at the same place at the other end of the leg warmers so you know where to end up. You can draw a line from the top of the leg warmers straight down to the pin in the bottom of the legwarmers if you want.

Sew a 1/8 inch elastic from a top pin to a bottom pin, stretching the elastic as far as you can as you sew. Backstitch a couple of times at the beginning so the elastic stays in place when you stretch it. {Look at the next step before completing this one}.

Leave a space at the top and the bottom with no elastic so you can make a casing.

Repeat on the other side, so that you have two rows of elastic.

This is what it looks like on the other side.

Sew a casing on the top of the leg warmer wide enough for the 1/4 inch elastic.

Insert your elastic and stitch at both ends to secure. You want it to be snug fitting but not too tight. Repeat for the bottom of the leg warmer so that you have elastic at the top and the bottom.

Fold it in half with right sides together and stitch up the back.

Turn it right side out and this is what you should have.

Don’t forget to make another one the same way!

 You can add some embellishments if you want. I recommend attaching them with a pin, like a brooch. That way you can take them off to wash the leg warmers and you can also switch out the flowers so you can have one pair of legwarmers that matches everything.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please visit me over at mama says sew for more!

These are the times I wish I had a girl! These are adorable Terra!

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Gender Reveal Pouch

Are you planning a gender reveal baby shower? Or, are you eagerly waiting to tell your friends and family whether you are having a boy or a girl? Well, I have THE most adorable gender reveal craft to share with you today! It’s super simple, super duper cute, and is SO fun to use for the BIG moment when the secret of the baby’s gender is revealed!

A paper pouch is filled with a pretty tag and coordinating clothespin. You can pass out the pouches (which are completely sealed) to your guests or family. Then, when you are ready to reveal the baby’s gender, each person tears off one end of the pouch too see if it is a girl or a boy! This is what it would look like if you are revealing the gender of a baby girl:
To get started, you will need to find some cute blue and pink tags. You also need blue and pink clothespins. You can paint plain clothespins or you can purchase some that are already colored. I found allllll of these pretty supplies at my local craft store (pssst: and they were totally affordable, which makes it even more fun to do!). 
I don’t know about you, but Kraft paper is my favorite thing right now. It kind of has a rustic-pretty look to it, don’t you think? Plus, mixed with the shabby chic feel of these pink and blue tags and I think the look is so stylish! Kraft paper is thick, just like card stock. You will need to cut your paper into an 8×8 square:
Then, roll the square up to form a cylinder. Seal the sides together using a hot glue gun. You DO NOT want this puppy to come apart!
Next, you press the end of the cylinder together to make the shape of a sugar cone. Then, you seal the edge with a thick strip of hot glue. 
Now, you insert the gender reveal tag and pin like so:
After that, you press the other end together at a 90 degree angle from the first seal. That’s how you achieve the cute triangular shape to the pouch:) Again, you want to seal it closed with a thick line of hot glue. I adorned this end of my gender reveal pouch with a yellow baker’s twine bow. That part is optional, but it helps point out the end where you want your guests to rip. Baker’s twine can also be found at any craft store these days. 
All done! In about 10 minutes flat you’ve created a Gender Reveal Pouch that is perfect for a baby shower.
Aren’t these the most adorable little pouches to reveal the gender of a precious little bun in the oven? 
If you are looking for more baby shower ideas, check out my Sleepy Baby Sugar Scrub:
Thanks for an adorable idea Kelly! Gender reveal is all the rage right now and I too am a huge fan of the kraft paper. It’s the perfect blank canvas!
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What I Wish I’d Known as a First Time Mom

I in no way claim to be the perfect mother. In fact if there is one thing you learn being a mother it is that there are no perfect mothers. You can not do it all. Going in with realistic expectations is imperative. Here are a few of the things I have learned in my 5 years that I wish I would have known as a first time mom.

Prepping for baby:

  • Keep a diaper handy in case your water breaks at home or while you are out. Once it starts it doesn’t stop, it’s like one continuous trickle. I kid you not, this happened to me with both kids and on my second I borrowed one of my sons diapers. It kept me and my car perfectly dry. Way better than walking in dripping wet wrapped in a towel!!
  • You don’t need everything they put on all those prepping for baby lists. Just get what seems right to you. I never really used my C shaped pillow and baby robes, but needed way more burp clothes (the ones made from cloth diapers are the best!!). Every baby and family is different.


  • Take your own blanket and pillow. It might seem over the top, but you’ll be glad you did especially if you end up staying multiple days.
  • If you end up staying multiple nights request a room away from the ice maker, nurse station, etc so you can rest quietly. 
  • You are not a bad mother if you send the baby to the nursery for a while so you can rest. You can not care for your little one if you are a zombie.

At Home:

  • Everyone will have advice. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. You don’t have to mother exactly how your mother or mother-in-law or friend does.
  • Let people help you. It will be a blessing to them and to you.
  • Sleep when you can. Nap when they nap. You might be tempted to get things done, but just like a car, your body can’t run on empty. 
  • Asking people wash their hands before holding your newborn is fine.
  • If all you accomplish in a day is having a shower, bravo! Just enjoy the time with your tiny one. It does not last long.

What do you wish you had known as a first time mom?

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