What I Wish I’d Known as a First Time Mom

I in no way claim to be the perfect mother. In fact if there is one thing you learn being a mother it is that there are no perfect mothers. You can not do it all. Going in with realistic expectations is imperative. Here are a few of the things I have learned in my 5 years that I wish I would have known as a first time mom.

Prepping for baby:

  • Keep a diaper handy in case your water breaks at home or while you are out. Once it starts it doesn’t stop, it’s like one continuous trickle. I kid you not, this happened to me with both kids and on my second I borrowed one of my sons diapers. It kept me and my car perfectly dry. Way better than walking in dripping wet wrapped in a towel!!
  • You don’t need everything they put on all those prepping for baby lists. Just get what seems right to you. I never really used my C shaped pillow and baby robes, but needed way more burp clothes (the ones made from cloth diapers are the best!!). Every baby and family is different.


  • Take your own blanket and pillow. It might seem over the top, but you’ll be glad you did especially if you end up staying multiple days.
  • If you end up staying multiple nights request a room away from the ice maker, nurse station, etc so you can rest quietly. 
  • You are not a bad mother if you send the baby to the nursery for a while so you can rest. You can not care for your little one if you are a zombie.

At Home:

  • Everyone will have advice. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. You don’t have to mother exactly how your mother or mother-in-law or friend does.
  • Let people help you. It will be a blessing to them and to you.
  • Sleep when you can. Nap when they nap. You might be tempted to get things done, but just like a car, your body can’t run on empty. 
  • Asking people wash their hands before holding your newborn is fine.
  • If all you accomplish in a day is having a shower, bravo! Just enjoy the time with your tiny one. It does not last long.

What do you wish you had known as a first time mom?

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    I wish I knew that just because they sleep through the night in the beginning doesn’t mean they always will. I thought we lucked out. Boy was I wrong.

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    Don’t be afraid to tell people it’s not a good time to visit – wether in the hospital or at home. Sometimes it just pushes the limit of what you can handle and 99.9% of people understand.

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    I’m on number six now and although I feel like I’ve pretty much got this down, every child is different. So, different. So what worked for one won’t necessarily work for another. There are quite a few things that I wish I’d known but a lot of them aren’t things that people can describe, you kind of have to experience them and most of them have to do with the healing process that I went through after giving birth. The soreness of breastfeeding, the soreness of everything downstairs, etc. So I guess my number one piece of advice would be, have at least one really good friend that you can talk to afterward, who’s already given birth, who can commiserate and give advice about the gross stuff.

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    I love what you said about realizing there are no perfect Moms. I have learned that what works for one family may not work for mine, and vice versa. It’s easy to get confused by all the different baby/parenting methods out there. They can almost seem to contradict one another! So, ask different people for advice, read different books, then decide which ones you feel most comfortable with and try that. Babywise makes perfect sense to me, but I know many other moms who use other techniques and it works fine for them.

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