Monday, July 8, 2013

July Visiting Teaching Message Handout

July's Visiting Teaching Message is on Teaching and Learning the Gospel. I love this quote from President Kimball about learning and loving our scriptures so we can teach our children and families. 

Feel free to print and share with your sisters. I print them out on 4x6 photo cards. 
I would love a comment if you use it!


Janna Murphy said...

Thanks for sharing that--it worked out great for me!!

Lisa said...

Thank you Michelle! I used your Visiting Teaching Message Printable for July! You make me look good :). I do give you the credit though when they comment on it, as they all did! I am so grateful that you take the time to make these! Not only does it give me a head start in thinking about what the message is, but by the time I make a treat (when I do) I am plum out of steam to make a cute message too. Thanks! Here is the link to what I made using your printable.

Hilary said...

Love this! Thank you!

Michelle Robertson said...

Thank you! thi sis exactly what I wanted to say to my sisters! I love the colors and the design! I love how easy it is to download!
Thank you for your time

Michelle Robertson said...

This is says want I wanted for my sisters. I love the colors and the design! I LOVE that it is easy to download
thanks for your time!