Reverse Applique Superman T-Shirt

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Cricut. This project and all ideas/opinions are my own.
When Cricut issued their Fashion show challenge I knew I was up for it. We were given white t-shirts and iron-on material with the assignment to make something wearable. Being the mom of superhero obsessed boys I knew just what I wanted to do, a Superman t-shirt. But, not just any t-shirt. I decided a reverse applique would be perfect to look like Clark Kent tearing open his white shirt to reveal his Superman suit.
I am pretty darn pleased with how my little hero looks and was surprised how easy the whole reverse applique process was.


Two white t-shirts
Evening Blue Rit Dye
Washing Machine
Small sharp scissors
Sewing Machine
White thread
1. Wash the shirts to remove any shrinkage and dry without fabric softener. (The film it leaves can effect the wear of the iron-on.)
2. Dye one of the shirts blue using the washing machine instructions on the bottle.
3. Cut out the Superman symbol out of the red and yellow iron-on by opening the free file below in Cricut Craft Room. Don’t forget to reverse the image if you aren’t using my file! With a Cricut mini, cut with the iron-on’s clear protective coating side down on the mat with the depth at 4. and the pressure at 2 with a speed of 3 (other machines may vary).
5. Weed your images. 
6. Iron on the yellow first with the clear coating facing up. Cover with a piece of scrap fabric and iron for 15 seconds, then flip over and iron the back for 30 seconds. Flip it back over, remove the clear coating and place the red image on top. Cover with scrap fabric and iron for 30 seconds. Check to make sure both layers are secure and remove clear plastic.
7. Cut out the images from the shirt leaving about an inch on each side.
8. Decide where you want it placed on the shirt.
9. Turn t-shirt inside out and pin the image in place.
10. With a washable marker trace around the image where you want to sew. I did my line 1/2 inch out from the iron-on all around so a good bit of blue would show.
11.. Sew around image using a straight stitch. Remove pins and trim strings.
12. Turn the t-shirt right side out and make a small slit through just the white t-shirt in front of the image. Use this to trim close to the seam to reveal the image.
Put it on your little Superman and let him fly!

I have used a lot of iron-on/heat transfer and this by far went on the easiest. I did not have to keep ironing edges over and over and hold it for a minute or more like others I’ve used. I can’t wait to get my hand on some more!

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So, what do you think? Have you tried iron-on before? What about reverse applique?

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