Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Layered Citrus Scrub

Hello! I'm Kelly from Smart School House. Today I have a pretty project to get you excited for spring!

It's so fun to be here! Please come see the other pretty little inspirations I have at Smart School House, like these Marshmallow Wrapped Rainbows:

Citrus scrub seems like the perfect way to ring in spring! Love the fresh smell and how adorable it is in those jars! Thanks Kelly for such a fun idea!


Zinzi said...

Hi Kelly,
How long does the scrub stay good for?

Kelly Dixon said...

Hi Zinzi!

As long as you refrigerate the scrub, it should last for at least a week. This scrub recipe doesn't make too terribly much, so if you're anything like me (an exfoliating lover), you'll be able to finish it in a week hehe! Enjoy!
Kelly from Smart School House