How to Paint a Ceiling {the easy way}

Up until this weekend I was a ceiling painting virgin. Ceilings scared me, the thought of covering everything and paint in my hair and having a sore neck kept me away. I was a chicken really, but no more. I put on my big girl painting pants and with the help of a new tool gave it a go.

Now that I’ve done it I am embarrassed at how nervous I was. I started small with out guest bathroom so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed and I was actually underwhelmed. It took me all of about 15 minutes including set up for the first coat. I am totally in love with the fresh clean white!
My secret weapon? The PaintStick EZ-Twist from HomeRight. This handy tool sucks the paint right in to the handle and eliminates the need for a paint tray!

You just place a little nozzle in your paint bucket and follow the instructions to pull the paint right in to the handle. My paint bucket was a little shorter than most so I had to hold it down well while pulling the paint in.


Once the paint is in, you just push in or twist the handle to get more paint in the roller. Fancy!
Now just roll it on! It even has a little tray to catch drips. I was painting over old linoleum so I didn’t even cover anything, though if your flooring or surfaces are nicer I would recommend protecting them. I didn’t see any white drips anywhere.
I filled in the edges with a regular paint brush. I did not tape or anything because I was painting the walls.
Doesn’t it look sooo much better? From a dingy cream color everywhere to crisp white and a nice clean gray. Phase 1 of guest bathroom makeover complete!

Now for my thoughts on the PaintStick:


  • Easy set up with much less covering
  • No messy paint tray.
  • Easy to reach normal ceilings without a ladder
  • Easy to get a good coat without pushing hard
  • Makes painting ceilings and rooms much faster


  • While still simple, clean up is more time intensive than throwing away a paint tray liner.
  • Not meant for use in cramped spaced with lots of built in items (I didn’t use it for the walls in the bathroom because of the long handle)

The PaintStick runs for about $20 at big box and hardware stores. I think the time saved is worth the investment, especially if you would have to buy rollers/covers/paint trays anyway.

I can’t wait to try the PaintStick out on a bigger room!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of HomeRight but the thoughts and opinions are my own. See my disclosure for further details.

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  1. says

    I am just starting the huge job of repainting my entire house, including the ceilings. I’m happy to have found this review. I hope this product can stand up to my vaulted ceilings!

    • Michelle Barneck says

      Yes, just rinse everything out when you are done. There are full instructions included on how to disassemble for cleaning.

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