5 Out of the Box T-shirt Refashions

The t-shirt, a trusted friend on a summer day. We probably all own more than we would like to admit. But, the t-shirt can be so much more than the casual day jean companion. We’re prepared to show you five out of the box ways to refashion this closet staple.

Here’s my clip from the Studio 5 segment today:

5 Out of the Box T-shirt Refashions

1. DIY Shoes
Turn an old t-shirt and a pair of flip flop soles into some super comfy sandals.

2&3. Swim Suit Cover & Headband

With the most beginning level of sewing, a 5XL shirt can become a ruffly swim suit cover and matching headband.

Dress up a t-shirt with another t-shirt, a t-shirt made in to accessories of course. How about a Rosette Necklace and Ruffled Infinity Scarf?

All you need for this run necklace is a t-shirt, scissors and a glue gun.

If you can sew straight lines, you can make this scarf.

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    You were awesome! I don’t know how I missed your post on the flip flops, but seriously, you are a genius! So clever and so cute!

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