Tshirt DIY Necklace

Are you ready for the first project in The Great De-stash Bash series? We snagged an old gray t-shirt out of the donate pile and turned it in to a fun T-shirt DIY Necklace. This is so easy even your kids could do it and the best thing is with jersey it is always so comfortable!!
 T-shirt DIY Necklace Supplies:
Hot Glue gun
No really, that’s it!

1. Cut off the sleeve right next to the seam. Then cut off about two inches of the widest part and pull to stretch so the jersey rolls in the raw edges. This is your necklace. Told you it was easy.
2. Make some rosettes (there are 1000 tutorials out there on this so I won’t bore you) with additional strips of  the T-shirt and hot glue, off center, on to the “necklace.” I did 5 alternating big and small rosettes, but the possibilities are endless.

Total cost: $0
Duh, it’s part of the de-stash. I had everything on hand.
I wore my T-shirt DIY Necklace with a pink maxi dress last Sunday and got so many compliments. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of it on. Story of my life.
I would love to see if you make your own! It would make a super easy and cheap Girls Camp Craft if you have a plug.
If you liked this T-shirt DIY Necklace, there is more to come from The Great De-Stash bash! Stay tuned.
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  1. says

    I LOVE the necklace but am such a visual person…I can’t figure out which way you cut the shirt. Is it below the armpit running horizontal so it’s a tube? Sorry I’m so dense, but I’d really like to make one and I can’t figure it out. (old dog – new tricks :( )

  2. says

    No prob. I usually do more pictures. It is cutting the sleeve off from the armpit to the shoulder. Then cut through both layers of the shirt sleeve about 2 inches in from the raw end so it becomes a ring of sleeve fabric. If you cut from the armpit out to the armhole it would not be a ring. It would just be a strip of fabric that would not be long enough.
    I hope that helps. Trying to explain it can be confusing.

  3. says

    Michelle – people can still do this craft outdoors without a plug – use Beacon Fabri-Tac. It’s like hot glue in a bottle without the gun or the burned fingers. Better for little girls anyway. It dries in a few seconds and stays put, no odor, no fumes, and doesn’t spray out all over like so many tubes. It’s in a bottle so easy to handle and share. It’s wonderful for everything craft!


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