For Valentines

I am married to a geek which means I sometimes get to make geeky gifts. This year it is a geek valentine. I saw this idea on Paper, Plate and Plane and knew it would be perfect for valentines. They spray painted the keys and used rub on letters, but I am too lazy for that so I just bought two thrift store keyboards that matched and that was that!

Just pop off the keys, fill the frame with colored paper and hot glue the letters on to the glass. It’s that easy!
And it was a success! He loved it! Thought it was very clever. How do I know you may ask. Wasn’t this supposed to be for Valentines? Yes, yes it was, but he found it. Apparently, to me the top of the fridge is a good hiding spot. To the husband, it’s eye level. Whoops.
But, don’t worry. I have another geek Valentine up my sleeve. he he

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