Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Time to spread a little holiday cheer...to your toes with a festive Mistle-toe pedicure!

p.s. I am well aware they are holly leaves, but mistletoe leaves are boring and I still wanted to use the cute name.

It's pretty simple. Take a little bit of this...

and turn it in to this!

Step-by-step Mistle-toe:

Red coat.

Two green dots.

Use a toothpick to pull the polish to make 6 points. Move the polish around with the toothpick as needed to make it look right.

Two more green dots.

Make points with toothpick.

Dip toothpick in white and make three dots to complete your mistle-toe. Add a single dot to all other nails.

Cover with a clear coat and BAM. Super jolly Mistle-toe pedi!

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Anonymous said...

what a cute idea & play on mistletoe!!! i hate to say this but those are really holly leaves ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that is holly, not mistletoe...

Angie - treasuresfortots@gmail.com said...

So cute!! I pinned it!!

Pounds4Pennies said...

TOO cute! I think I have all these colors. I get them for free or really cheap at CVS when they are on sale. My daughter and I are going to be doing this over the break!

Jennifer @ The Brilliant Crafty Type said...

Adorable! My daughter's school doesn't allow fingernail polish, so she will love having some extra pretties on her toes for the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

Emerson Experiment said...

Very cute! Might I suggest a clear (french manicure) polish and then make the berries RED and keep your leaves green...so so cute! Can't wait to try.