Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY Under $5 {Lucky Penny}

Find a penny pick it up, rest the day you'll have good luck. What luck to find such a cute idea in Law Student Craft's Etsy shop! I was inspired by her simple, happy design, but decided to take it a step further and make it a wearable reminder of how each of us is lucky in our own way.

This was a super fast and easy project. I used my 1/4 inch stamp set (got mine at Harbor Freight for like $10) and stamped in the letters using a hammer.

I got the rest of the supplies (keychain, jump rings, silver ring base) at Hobby Lobby for $5.

Lucky Penny Keychain:

1. Punch a hole in the top of the penny with the pointed stamping tool or a nail or screw.
2. Attach the penny to the keychain with a jump ring.

Totally complicated right. ;)

Lucky Penny Ring:

1. Glue the penny to the ring base (one of those ones with the big circle on it for stability) using glue meant for metal.

I know, really difficult tutorial.

You can use old or new pennies depending on the coloring you like. I love the idea of using a penny from the recipients birth year.

On the new penny I rubbed a little Martha Stewart Satin Chestnut Brown paint in to the letters to make them stand out more.

I think I may make these for my church youth group as well. We gave them charm bracelets that we give them charms for every now and again and I think these would be perfect!

Now it's time to link up your $5 projects!

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Lynne said...

Thanks for hosting!

Leanne said...

That is such a cute idea! I love the ring too. My niece would love that and her birthday is next month. THanks for the cute ideas and for hosting.

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

The keychain is really cute! I was thinking of doing one for my hubby with either our anniversary year or maybe 4 pennies one from each of our kid's birth years. But you know men and bulky key chains. I think the 4 pennies might be too much! :) Besides, it's nice to have something just for the two of us sometimes, huh? Yup, made up my mind. Now to find a 1998 penny...

Stephanie said...

I love the lucky pennies! What a cute idea! Thanks for hosting this great party! I might have to pull out my stamps and try out a penny today!

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

I LOVE this - SOOOO creative and fun and such an awesome gift for people (even if you don't necessarily know them all that well, it still feels awesomely personal)! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

Michelle @ Loving Every Second said...

So cute! I went to Harbor Freights to look at their stamp sets and found one for $6.97! With shipping, it was less than $10!!! I'm so excited, thanks for sharing the link :)

Affordable Medical Insurance said...

That is such a cute idea! I love the ring too.

Angie said...

This is a great party idea! I just linked up and am now following.

Danielle said...

I wanted to let you know that I featured this in my "What I Bookmarked This Week" post today - stop by and see!

Kara said...

This is so cute Michelle! I've got the stamps, so I need to make one. I'm featuring it tomorrow. :)

Kate Henricks said...

I really love your lucky penny key chain! where did find the key chain part?

Michelle said...

I got it at Hobby Lobby.

Spokane Boot Camp said...

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