Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY Under $5 Features

We had a great DIY Under $5 link up this week and it was so hard to choose who to feature. Sorry for the delay in spotlighting.

Name that movie...

"'re one of those fish that causes delays. Sometimes it's a good thing. There's a whole group of fish . They're delay fish."

I had to speak in church on Sunday. Amazing how a 15 minute talk can halt your whole life for a weekend.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Link with most clicks:

Candy Jar from Love Sweet Love

And my faves...

Laundry Wall Art by Girl in Air

I have got to do this when I re-do my laundry room!!

Paper Medallions
by Vively

Aren't they gorgeous?! Like big flower blooms!

Me and my peeps shirt by Craft Buds

Anyone who can combine Easter with boys gets an A+ in my book!

Thanks to all who linked up and I can't wait to see what you come up with this week!! Be sure to link up on Wednesday!

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Lindsay Conner said...

Thanks for showing off the Peeps shirt! Lindsay @ Craft Buds

Naomi said...

Such wonderful ideas!! Oh and the movie is Finding Nemo!! =)

Cat said...

Epps...that laundry art is one of my favs too!!!! What a great idea :)

Drats...Naomi beat me to it...Finding Nemo (a great movie it!)

Your blog is adorable!

xx Cat brideblu

Su said...

Wow, thanks for the feature. So thrilled!

MEGMAC said...

LOVE that laundry room art!!

Michelle @ Loving Every Second said...

Finding Nemo! Love that movie :)