Feature Friday-Valentine Gift Idea Round Up w/ freebies

I have run across so many super cute ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts that I decided I would share a few of my faves today for Feature Friday!

Let’s start with a few G rated ones for the adults…

Rice Hot Packs from Let me Count the Ways (an entire blog dedicated to Valentine’s!)

Treat filled soda bottles from Nap Time Journal (via Ucreate)

U Complete Me Pillowcase Iron on Freebie
from Creature Comforts

And here are a few ideas for the kiddos to give out…

Lollipop hand out from 24-7-365

Owl be Your Valentine freebie download from Jamie Hamblin (there are 4 other free designs too!) Don’t walk, run!Here is what we sent to cousins last year. I am far less ambitious this year. 😉 They were from Family Fun magazine.


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    Tiffany- Those mailboxes are adorable! I bought a similar one from the Target dollar section I have been leaving love notes in. What a fun idea to make your own! Thanks for sharing.

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    There really are so many ideas on the blogosphere for Valentine’s Day! Being someone of not so much creativity, I get a little overwhelmed if I look at too many… :)

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    I actually went and did the treat filled soda bottles for activity days yesterday and we went around and gave them to each member of the primary presidency to thank them for all that they do. They were a hit!

    Thanks for posting about these great ideas!

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