Christmas Art Project

I love including the kiddos in holiday decorating. I wanted a fun Christmas art project that the family could do together and display for all to see. I love that this piece celebrates the season, but also celebrates our little family. In fact, you probably already have everything you need for this hand print pine tree painting. So here’s a little tutorial.

Supplies Needed:
  • Foam brush
  • Craft paint-brown, green (or mix navy, yellow & brown if you don’t have dark green & don’t want to run to the store )
  • 12×12 card stock (ours was a light gray with a slight shimmer)
  • Hands
1. Make a tree trunk by using the foam brush to paint a 4 inch area from your wrist to forearm brown. Then, stamp your arm on the paper. If you want it a little thicker, stamp again.
For us, my arm was the best size. Plus, the symbolism of me holding up the family is a bonus. 😉

2. Start with the person with the biggest hands, most likely Dad. Paint his hand with a light coat of green. If you use too much it will just ending up looking like a blob. Have him stamp his hand slightly right, then slightly left aligning the second stamp with the fingers filling in the gaps.

3. Paint the other family members hands from biggest to smallest and have each person do step two. We just have three people, so it went Dad, Mom, Son. You may have to adjust how much you stamp according to how big your family is.

4. I put my Christmas art project in the black wood frame I used for this fall art project and up on the wall it went. You could use fingertips dipped in white to add snow flakes falling or in red to add ornaments to the tree. I liked ours just the way it was. It could be really fun to make one for each member of the family and then let them decorate it. I feel an FHE coming on!

I would love to see your Christmas art project if you try it!

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    Hey what a great idea. We made these at preschool one year but I never thought to do it as a family. I love it. If you dont mind Im gonna link this to my blog for my TIPS FOR TOTS TUESDAY post.

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