DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas is upon us and that means we need to be thinking about gifts for our neighbors and friends. For Feature Friday today I decided to put together a little round up of DIY Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank. So let’s get to it! Here are some of my favorite friend/teacher/neighbor gift finds. (And by favorite I mean easy too!)

Festive Hand Sanitizers from Sister’s Stuff
Can’t wait until my little guy is in school so I can give his teachers cute things like this!

S’more Clay Ornaments
from Little Birdie Secrets
Someone can make me one of these for my tree. 😉 Check out the tutorial, they are totally doable!

Free Brownies from How Does She
I think this is hilarious! Make your own darn treats! Plus, if you are like me you are frightened to eat much of the homemade things that come through the door at Christmas time anyway. It is very sweet to get a plate of goodies that the kids helped with, but I have seen kids make treats and I do not want to eat them afterward. I’m just sayin‘.


Pop Top Treats from How Does She
How fun is this?! I remember my mom canned one of each of our presents one year. It was really fun to have to open it with a can opener!

Snowman Soup from Lori’s Country Creations
I LOVE cocoa. (My hubs despises all my mugs.) What could be better than cocoa with all this fun stuff in it!


Christmas Potpourri from Creative Holiday Gift Ideas
My mom makes this and lets it simmer and I just want to stand over it, close my eyes and breathe it in all day. It smells so delicious!

Well, hopefully you are all set now for DIY Christmas gifts and can get going on your neighbor gifts so you can get them out early and enjoy the rest of the month! Happy holidays!

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    As a teacher, I would love the festive hand sanitizers! Teachers use them all the time, but it’s certainly nice to have something to brighten up the classroom and make it more fun!

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