Feature Friday-Amanda (Starting Your Garden Inside/YW Believers Ideas)

My feature Friday for this week is my friend, neighbor, Visiting Teaching companion and Young Women adviser Amanda! Wow, I guess she is forced to see me a lot. :) She is such a fun girl and is so creative!! There were so many things to share! I had to whittle it down to a few faves.

I in no way claim to be a gardener, but really want to get out this year and make my yard something to be proud of, or at least something not to be embarrassed of. Amanda has a great post on Planting a garden inside until it stops looking like this outside.

This is what I found yesterday morning. It looks like those Corona commercials with snow instead of sand. My poor little flowers and blooming tree were blanketed with white.

This is why I have friends, to get me motivated to do things I normally would never think of! Is this not the cutest little garden start?! She gives a whole tutorial on her blog “My Remodeled Life.

This frame grouping was a giveaway on her blog a few months back, but I had to share. I “LOVE” this idea!I think many of us make a Menu Plan, but I loved Amanda’s idea of making a list of everything she knows how to make so she can just look down the list and choose things for each day. It’s much easier to just pull out a list rather than cookbooks, recipe boxes, etc. There are always recipes I forget about so this would be great. You can group them by season too! Amanda checks the weather for the week to help her make her list temperature appropriate. That’s smarts! And who had handwriting like that? Jealous!

We had an activity for Young Women’s where we made Believers Journals that Amanda designed. This was an idea we got from Jenny Philips 2009 idea packet. We put this years theme, “Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12), on them so the girls would see it every day. Aren’t they amazing? They started out as plain old composition notebooks.

We made these cute Believe blocks for our Beehives for Christmas to introduce this years Mutual theme, but they are great for decor anytime. They went along perfectly with a wonderful lesson that Amanda gave using music to tell the Nativity story.

Great ideas Amanda! You are now entered in to the hall of fame as Tipper of the Week!

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    I love all the stuff you guys made for YW. Is that just scrapbook paper modge podged on a comp. notebook for the believe notebook?

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    We work with Beehives who get a bit rowdy sometimes so we were nervous to do modge podge. We just used plain old Elmer’s glue for the spines and those scrapbook stickies for the rest. Amanda had the the papers and everything sized for us and we just had to stick them on and round the edges.

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    I am new to your blog and I love it! I was trying to look at some of the links on this post but it says that her blog is private. Is there anyway that you can make it so that I can view these links? Thanks! Again I LOVE your blog!!!

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