Single Socks?

You all know what I am talking about. Those socks that go in to the wash as a pair and somehow come out alone. I hate folding socks. I hate matching them, I hate how they get stretched out at the top after so many times being rolled to keep them together.

I have learned many things from my mother, but this little trick is one of them. Use a safety pin and pin them together. (Don’t use the gold ones, they eventually leave a rusty mark) So simple, yet such a profound difference it makes! My mom keeps them in a jar, but i take it one step further and use a magnetic pin cushion. We keep one in each room. We take the pin out and put it on the cushion in the morning and take our socks off and pin them back together for the laundry at night.

Pin cushion on the changing table

Socks in the bin in the drawer, just grab one and you have a pair.
Yay! No more losing or folding socks.

And now you know the use of the contents of the “Simple Sock” starter kit, so go enter the drawing!! Quick!! :)

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    Michelle- I LOVE the new blog. I just added your link to my blog. I just read your comments and for sure, I’d be happy to be used on your blog. I’d be honored. Just one question, how do you find the time?!?!?! I don’t know how ya do but I’m glad ya did! I am definately going to be a follower and as soon as I get caught up on my own blog I will give you a proper shout out on mine!!!!

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    Um, by the way, I added you to my blog and did a post as well. I guess you did mention that I needed to write that :) Thanks for the tips! You’re the best!

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