Fall Burlap Subway Art Printable with My Daylights


Hi there! I’m really excited to be a guest here at A Little Tipsy. I’m Jennifer from My Daylights where I share a little bit of everything-recipes, crafts, a little DIY, thoughts, book reviews, and my very favorite thing, Printables.

Walking down the aisles at craft stores and some retail stores, I have to honestly say that I breathe a sigh of relief to see the fall items on the shelves. While there are definitely some fun aspects to summer, I am honestly not in love with it! I am not a fan of the heat. At all! Which is why Fall is amazing. It’s beautiful, it’s crisp, it’s cooler, and it has one of my favorite holidays-Halloween. My husband is always joking each year that we can’t possibly add one more fall decoration to our home and I take great pride in proving him wrong!

One of the easiest ways to decorate is with printables. Just print them out, throw them in a cute frame, and voila! Instant decor that’s easy to change out and move around. I have loved seeing all of the burlap items around the stores.

Fall Subway Burlap Printable At mydaylights.net

Burlap has such great texture and adds a special charm to any decor. Because I love it so much, I decided to create a printable that looks like it’s burlap. It’s easier than painting or getting the little burlap fibers everywhere.


The printable has some of my favorite words for fall, including a fun pumpkin.


It’s an 8×10 and works best being printed either on premium photo paper or premium presentation paper.

Download the Fall Burlap Subway Art Printable Here.

I hope it’s a nice compliment to your Fall Decor this year. If you like this, pop on over to my blog for more fun posts like the ones below! Click on the pictures to be taken to the posts.


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Scrap Wood Pumpkins with The Contractor Chronicles

Hello Little Tipsy Readers!! It is good to be here again sharing a fun little project while Michelle is out with her sweet new baby! I know Michelle in real life so I am so excited for her and cannot wait to hold her little one! For those that don’t know me, I am Amanda and I blog alongside my husband over at The Contractor Chronicles. We love to share our knowledge of tools, our fun projects and our house remodels with our readers! Since we are going into cooler fall weather, I wanted to share a fun and simple Fall project that anyone can make with wood from your scrap pile, scrap wood pumpkins!

Scrapwood Pumpkins (12) copy

All you need for this project is a couple pieces of 2×4 wood and 2×6 wood! I found both in my scrap pile – but feel free to swing by Home Depot and grab a one of each a make a few of these for your home! Cut your pieces down – I cut two 2×4’s at 6 inches and two 2×6’s at 7.5 inches. I just did what I thought looked best – but make some bigger and smaller if you want too!

Scrapwood Pumpkins (16) copy

I used Rustoleum Cinnamon and sprayed the wood down.

Scrapwood Pumpkins (1) copy

When they were dry, I used my cornercat and sanded the edges a bit.

Scrapwood Pumpkins (3) copy

Lastly – and the thing that makes the pumpkin – I tied the whole thing up with green ric rac! I love it! It makes it look wavy – sort of like a real pumpkin!

Scrapwood Pumpkins (5) copy

I tied the top in a bow to look like “leaves.”

Scrapwood Pumpkins (8) copy

And you’re done! So simple but super cute!!

Scrapwood Pumpkins (14) copy

Thanks so much for having me today and please stop by and say hello and see what other projects we have been working on!

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Halloween Silhouettes with Organize and Decorate Everything

Halloween Silhouettes

Hi Everyone! It’s Leanne at Organize and Decorate Everything. I’m so happy to be here while Michelle takes time to enjoy her cute little man and the rest of the men in her family. I love decorating for the holidays and Halloween happens to be one of my favorite. While I love traditional colors I also like to break away from them from time to time. I love how these silhouettes represent Halloween but don’t scream Halloween in your face.

Halloween Silhouettes 4

The best part is that you don’t need a cutting machine or anything fancy to make them, just a computer and a printer. I’ve heard from my readers so many times that things were cute but they weren’t able to duplicate them because they didn’t have a machine. Well, I’ve got you covered with this project. Just google different silhouette images, size them, and print them out. Use your imagination to come up with your favorite group of images.

Halloween Silhouettes 3

I chose scrapbook paper in different colors but the same pattern as the background for the silhouettes. Then I went through my frame stash and chose the frames I wanted to use. Yard sale frames are a good choice for Halloween decor. They don’t even have to be the same color.

Halloween Silhouettes 5

Cut out the silhouettes. I found ones with not much detail (except for the tree the owl’s perched on) to make it easier.

Halloween Silhouettes 6

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame then glue the silhouette on the paper. I used a regular glue stick. As you might notice I trimmed the tree a bit to fit perfectly on the paper.

Halloween Silhouettes 2

That’s it! Now you have 4 framed pieces for Halloween for very little cost. Thank you for letting me share a Halloween craft with you. I know it’s only August but I like to plan ahead and have all my projects finished. Here are a few more projects you might like.

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4th of July Shirts: Pledge of Allegiance Flag

July 4th is right around the corner! Every clothing store around is selling flag shirts for a little USA spirit, but why not make some of your own? I love to put my boys in customized shirts and figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a little patriotic display of The Pledge of Allegiance. We kept the flag in there too for good measure.

4th of July Pledge of Allegiance Flag Shirt

You may recognize the design from a flag canvas I made for my house last year. I loved it so much I figured why not spread the joy to shirts?!


  • Cricut Design Space Software
  • Cricut Explore
  • White Heat Transfer
  • Red Heat Transfer
  • Navy Shirts
  • Weeding Tool
  • Clean Cloth
  • Iron

I took this image from last years post and uploaded it in to Cricut Design Space. Cleaned it up, made a copy of the image and hid the contour to separate the white and red areas alternately on the two images. I was planning to share the design and save you a lot of work, but the software will not let you share designs of things you upload.

It will be easiest to just choose a font you like and copy my layout by typing in text boxes. Trust me. Then group the text boxes so you can move them as two images the white letters and the red letters.

Size the flags according to the size of shirt. Now you are ready to cut. Be sure your shirts are pre-washed to remove any shrinkage.

Be sure to flip the letters horizontally before cutting so they won’t be backwards! Cricut Design software has a check box to remind you of this on the cut screen. Select the iron-on setting (I use a Cricut Explore so mine is on a dial on the machine) and you are good to go. Load the heat transfer vinyl shiny side down and cut. You will load the mat twice, once with the white and once with the red.

Weed your vinyl removing all excess from between the designs. Be sure all the i’s have their dots.

Preheat the iron on it’s hottest setting with the steam turned off. Place the groups of white letter and red letters on the shirt to make sure you get them in the right place.

Iron on Heat Transfer 4th of July Shirts

Then remove the red letters and apply the white ones first. Place a clean cloth over it (I use a tea towel) and press firmly for 30 -40 seconds. Let it cool a bit and check for adherance. If it lifts up try 20 more seconds. If it is stuck remove the clear sheet and place the red letters in place to iron. Cover with cloth and iron as before.

For my boys shirts (size 4 and 6) the letters ended up tiny!! This was proof how accurately the Cricut Explore can cut. Look at them next to a quarter. Crazy!

Cut details with Cricut

I love how our 4th of July shirts turned out and can’t wait for them to sport them next week!

4th of July Shirt Pledge of Allegiance Flag

4th of July Pledge of Allegiance Flag Shirts