Fun Patches for Boys Pants

Anyone else have little boys who go through pants like wildfire? They look perfectly fine one day and the next you are pulling them out of the wash with holes in the knees? Well, I am expecting boy number three and poor kid is going to have a wardrobe full of hand me down hole in the knee jeans, so I went on a quest to find fun ways to patch those knees and stretch the clothing dollar. Check out these creative patching solutions!

Criss-Cross Patch from My Poppet

Sew-on patches for jeans

Flash and Captain America from The World Spins Madly On
She has lots of ideas including the Punisher, Chicago Bears, and more superheroes!

Band-Aid Patch from Muddy Mouse Iron Ons

Band-aid cross iron-on patch for kids clothes

X-ray Patch another favorite from Muddy Mouse Iron Ons

Hip iron-ons for kids clothes. To patch them up, or just for fun!

Pinstripe Patch from Craft Whatever


Painted Patches from Ricochet and Away

Pocket Patch from Having Sufficient

Outer Space Patch from Knee Caps by AliJoy
An etsy shop with lots of options from dinos to skulls.

Outer Space Jean Repair Patch for Boys

UK Flag Patch from Make It and Love It

Flag Patch could not find source, but please let me know if you know I’d love to give credit!

Distressed Patch from Katie’s Secret Blog
How to patch Holey Jeans
Batman Patch from A Little Tipsy

I needed a quick patch for my little guys pants and decided to see what my Cricut could do with it. I found a Batman image from an old cartridge, altered it just a bit and tried cutting it out with some store bought iron-on denim patches on the canvas setting.

Next time, I would use the heavy stick mat and possibly cut twice to get it perfect, but with a little trim it did the trick. Use a bit of fray check on the edges to keep them crisp for future washing and iron on according to the patch instructions.

The no-sew is definitely a short term fix. If you want the patch to last, sew around the edges of the symbol.
Anyone else’s little guy like to wear one glove? Sometimes we call him Michael.
So there you have it. Twelve creative patch ideas for active little boys. Which one was your favorite?
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  1. says

    I have been looking at patch ideas for EVER. Thank god it’s summer because during winter-time I’m going through little boy pants like wildfire. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Ave says

    OMG!! Thank you so much for this idea!! I’ve sent my 6 year old boy to school 3 days in a row & each day he’s come home with holes in the knee’s….I was about to lose my mind!

  3. Cassie says

    Cute ideas! Would love to find that Captain America Patch from The World Spins Madly On. Googled it, but it only brings me back here. Can you post a link?

    • Michelle Barneck says

      If you click on the words “Flash and Captain America in the post, it will take you directly to their post.

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