Little Star: Highlighting a Child’s Special Day

Whether soccer or art or singing, each child has their own special talent. I wanted to create a fun way to celebrate and make them feel special for their achievement whether it be a report card full of A’s, a successful dance performance, or being in the school play. I decided to create this Little Star crown, badge, and photo book to capture the shining moments of their lives.
They all coordinate and are easy to make with just a few supplies. I will share tutorials for each of items below.

  • Martha Stewart Decoupage Fabric Die-Cuts
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage Durable Oilcloth Finish
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage Brush
  • Martha Stewart Fabric Stiffener
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage Durable Matte Finish
  • #10 Size Can
  • Wax Paper
  • Photo Book

Let’s start with the star crown.
1. Measure your child’s head and using the star fabric die cuts line them up overlapping until you get the correct length. I lined up the large stars overlapping the points about a half inch then layered the medium stars on top, then adding the small stars for embellishment. 
2. Using the oilcloth decoupage as adhesive, glue the small stars to the medium. Then, glue all of the star points that touch like the overlapping points of the large and the five points of the medium to secure. Let dry.
3. Cover a #10 size can with wax paper and lay your stars around it. Secure the last two ends of the stars together with the oilcloth decoupage to form the crown. Glue the top point of each large star to the wax paper to keep it vertical. Let dry. 
4. Using your decoupage brush, paint the stars with a thin layer of fabric stiffener. You want it thick enough to soak through the die-cuts, but thin enough that it will dry clear. Brush away from the points so it does not pool. Let dry.
5. Carefully slide the crown down the can to remove. 

Next up, the photo book. We hardly ever print pictures anymore, so my kids love to see photos of themselves in a book! 
1. Place the stars how you like them and decoupage using the matte finish decoupage and decoupage brush. Cover the back of the star with the medium, place it on the book and then paint over the top. Do a few coats, letting them dry between to make sure the stars are secure and protected.
Now for the cute little star award badge. Who doesn’t like getting  gold star?
1. Layer a yellow shooting star, cream colored burst and blue shooting star. Glue them all together using the oilcloth decoupage. Then, cover with two coats to protect and give it a durable shiny finish. I attached it with double sided sticky tape, but you could easily glue on a pin if you prefer.
Isn’t this little star collection adorable? I love having an extra special way to celebrate hard work and resulting achievements and with the school year starting up there will be more and more on their way!
The full line of of decoupage products is available at Michael’s.
Disclaimer: Martha Stewart Crafts provided product for review.
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