Grandparent’s Day Heart Banner Letter

Grandparent’s Day is coming up Sunday, September 8th and with my parents temporarily living across the country on an LDS mission in Kirtland, we decided to make them a special letter to show them we are thinking of them! We love doing heart attacks (where you decorate people’s doors covered in hearts) so we decided it would be super fun to make a mailable heart attack.

I had the kiddos help me cut out a whole bunch of hearts and then I stitched them together with my sewing machine and added the letters to spell “Happy Grandparent’s Day!” Then, we just folded them in groups of about three hearts and stuffed them in the envelope with the string taped to the flap of the envelope. Instruct them to “pull here” and they will get a surprise as the hearts just keep coming and the message unfolds!

What fun things have you given or received for Grandparent’s Day?

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