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I was recently introduced to a cool site that has discount home decor deals that rotate every few hours! It’s called HomeSav and I have had a lot of fun surfing through their deals! 
I saved 20% on this cute square tray. It is the perfect way to present fun food and make my family feel special. I used it for some dressed up strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Mind you I live in a house full of boys.

And also pulled it out for these mini cheesy chicken cups we had for dinner a couple of nights ago. (We’ll be sharing the recipe soon, so easy and so tasty!)
I love how it takes family dinner up a notch and how it cleans up in a snap! I was worried it would be a nightmare like stainless steel, but it totally isn’t. 
I also snatched up a kitchen scale ($25 off!) because I am trying to become more proficient in the kitchen and actually be able to use the recipes that give you quantities by weight without totally guessing. 
I love that it is completely flat so it can store pretty much anywhere and it has a glass surface so you just wipe it clean. No awkward nooks or crannies for food gunk to collect.
I was focused on kitchen, but they have tons of stuff from rugs to furniture to art and it’s never the same. Kind of the thrill of the hunt.
I am used to two day shipping so the two to four week shipping timetable seemed long to me, but happy mail is the best so I didn’t mind too much.
Keep an eye out for my shiny new tray in posts to come! It is a new food styling favorite!

Disclosure: I was provided a gift card to write about my experience with HomeSav.
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