12 Favorite Windows Phone Apps for Kids

When getting a new phone I always like to know what are the good apps. Especially for kids, there are a lot of games that are not worth the download. So, let us save any Windows Phone users some time and share our list of our favorite Windows 8 apps for kids.

We chose to keep the list super budget friendly, so all apps listed are 99 cents or under (eight are free).

  1. Animal Fun – question games, puzzles, matching and a sticker book, all revolving around a collection of cute cartoon animals.
  2. Color Me – by far my 2 year old favorite app of all.
  3. Scooby Doo – over 80 Scooby-Doo episodes
  4. Kid Songs Machine – sings 6 classic songs with cute graphics that kids can interact with
  5. AE Gun Ball – My favorite childhood game in mobile form.
  6. Frogsling 2 – slingshot frogs into buckets, onto bullseyes and more.
  7. Where’s my water? – physics-based game where you try to get the water to the alligator so he can take a shower.
  8. AE Fruit Slash – practice your slicing action on a variety of fruit
  9. Shuriken Ninja – My karate obsessed 5 year old’s favorite. Master the ninja star. Stars are physics based and will ricochet or stick to different surfaces. Get the right angle to break the targets.
  10. Where’s my Perry? – a physics-based game using water in all its different forms, ice, steam and liquid, to solve the puzzle.
  11. Star Wars Angry Birds – Star Wars + Angry Birds. Need I say more?
  12. Cut the Rope – Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom
Also, did you know that Windows phone comes with a separate screen for your kids?! 

They get their own start screen called kid’s corner where you can customize it with music, games and apps just for them. When in Kid’s Corner they can’t access your screen and re-arrange it, download things, or make random calls to your lady dr. They are locked in to what you have approved. Is that not the best ever?!

Your phone just became yours again and they feel super cool that they have their own page. Win, win.

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