Zermatt Resort #getawaytomidway

A couple of weeks ago, we were asked to visit Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah. We were excited to have a mini vacation and with some stressful things brewing on the homefront it could not have come at a better time!
We checked in and first thing hopped on over to Matty’s Bistro. We were starving and overjoyed to see the size of the raspberry lemonades! I tried out the fish and chips (pictured below) which were great and Jared was pleasantly surprised with his steak. 
We went on locals night (Thursday) so it got really busy by desert time and they seemed short handed. Luckily, our waitress Angie was fantastic and took good care of us even in the rush. We took a brownie sundae to go, which looking back we would have skipped. It didn’t measure up to the rest of the experience.

I am happy to report to those who want to know that the pillows in our room were karate chopped with precision. ;) Having heard general things about Zermatt, I was wondering if it would be fancy for kids. You know, the worrisome items around the room that you just know your little guys will destroy before the end of the night. I am happy to report that our room was totally family friendly and nothing was overly ritzy. 
There was pure amazement by a phone that plugged in to the wall. I learned that the going rate to rent a movie in a hotel room is $15.99!!! What the?! My parents informed me it was the same on their trip to St. George. Luckily, with two small boys we travel with out portable dvd player in tow. 
The little one couldn’t have been happier in his “big bed” with an unlimited supply of ice to chomp.
The next morning we tried out breakfast at the bäckeri and eis café. The breakfast biscuits were a delight and reasonably priced.
And of course the best part of any hotel stay with little ones…the pool.

My two year old daredevil taught himself how to swim, jumping in and flailing to the top of the water for one big breathe. Once all fingers and toes were properly pruny, we swapped swim suits for snow clothes and headed to Soldier Hollow for tubing.
This ain’t your mamas tubing hill. (Well I guess it’s my kids’ mama’s tubing hill.) This has a lift that takes your tube to the top of the hill where you have your choice of five different runs. I loved it, the kid loved it, the hubby loved it. They even have a tiny hill where your toddler can ride since you have to be three for the big boy slopes. This wears the kids out just in time for the ride home. Ah, peace. Now to unpack.
Disclaimer: I was provided with dinner, hotel room, and tubing passes to review.
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