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I am so super delighted to tell you that my cute friend Kirsten from Crafting Chicks created an app and it launches today!! She has been working her tail off on it and it’s finally done. Not only is she one of the cutest girls I know, but her app idea totally rocks!

KID CHATTEROO is fun to play at bedtime, dinnertime and snuggletime. Easily turn those potentially “time-wasting” moments such as amusement park lines, waiting rooms, car rides,  into meaningful moments. Use KID CHATTEROO anytime and anywhere you want to connect with your kids. Capture those little voice recordings with an easy-to-use recording feature, it’s like capturing time in a bottle.  

Here are examples of some of the fun questions and answers you might experience with Kid Chatteroo:
  • If you ate a rainbow what would it taste like?  
    • Aiden age 5: “Nothing, because they’re clear and when you put your hand on them it just goes through.” 
    • Benny age 5:  “really good burritos”  
    • Delany age 3:  “chicken”
  • If you lived in candy land what would you build your house out of? 
    • Aiden: “For wood, it would be candy canes.” 
    • Delany:  “a rainbow”  
    • age 3: “popcorn”
  • What are you most excited for?  
    • Aiden: “Easy, Halloween.” 
    • Delany:  “my birthday cake”  
    • Benny:  “everything”
  • What is the silliest thing about Dad?  
    • Aiden: “He toots so loud.” 
    • Delany: “He scares me with a {Halloween }mask all the time.”
  • Why are moms so super?  
    • Aiden: “That’s really hard, I think we should skip that one.” 
    • Delany:  “Cuz you’re awesome. And I like Aunt Kristi more.”
  • If animals could talk, which one would you talk to and what would you say? 
    • Aiden:”Ribbit, ribbit to a frog.” 
    • Delany:  “Monkey: Dora has shoes”
  • If you were a princess/knight what would your castle look like? 
    • Aiden: “Like the castle in Brave or a giant rectangle with two towers with lots of squares on top.”
    • Delany:  “Purple” 
  • If you ate a rain cloud what would it taste like?  
    • Aiden: “Rain, I meant water because rain is water.” 
    • Delany “watermelon”  
    • age 3: “Yucky Stuff”
  • Why do dogs have a tail? 
    • Aiden: “To show when they like someone.” 
    • Delany:  “Cuz they um, they swish them around”
  • What is your favorite thing to do with mom?  
    • Aiden: “Aiden time.” 
    • Delany:  “Go on a walk to Circle K to get a pop” 
    • age 3: “LAUGH”

I love the idea of having their cute little voices and silly answers recorded to keep forever. And the fact that it is easy as pushing a button on your phone is a huge bonus! And 99 cents? Please. I spend that on a candy bar in the checkout.

Check out the app and if you like it, tell her by giving her a 5 star rating! Catch them around the web too!

WEBSITE: WWW.KIDCHATTEROO.COM join their mailing list for updates and other fun tidbits!

DIY SITE: creator of Kid Chatteroo & her four friends share awesome DIY stuff
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    YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks so much for posting about Kid Chatteroo, it’s going really well and I’m hoping that the hype doesn’t die down. Let’s get together soon and roast mallows! xoxo, Kirsten

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