5 Tips for Getting Kids to Drink Water

Water is awesome. It’s cost free, calorie free, sugar free, and life sustaining. Now how do we convince reluctant kiddos to dive in and drink? Here are 5 tips to help get your kids to drink water instead of their sugary counterparts.

1. Make it fun!
Let kids choose a fun water bottle or cup with a favorite color or character. They will drink more if it has a cool container. You tend to drink more with a straw so buy a big pack of disposable or a few funky re-usable and get to sipping! Adding a slice of lemon or orange can make flavor it without loads of sugar. Teach kids fun facts about water.
2. Make it easy!
Have water easily available at all times. If you fridge does not have a dispenser, put a dispenser in the fridge so it’s always ready to go. Have a stash of water bottles ready to grab on the go for practices or school.
3. Make it cold!
Kids tend to like water better when it’s cold. Keep water in the fridge and have fun shaped ice cubes to add in. Consider freezing fun non-toxic toys (small enough to fit but not to swallow) inside so they get a little reward when they finish their bottle. 
4. Make it clear!
As much as we don’t like to admit it, kids love to talk about pee. Take advantage of it and tell them about the pee test. Dark needs more water and near clear is good to go. Make it seem like a game.
5. Make it happen!
Kids learn by example. If they don’t see you drinking water they are not likely to. We can’t drink soda all day and expect them to be content with water. Show them the importance by being a fan of water yourself. 
We had a chat about water and shared some fun facts:

I polled our Tipsy Facebook fans and they had some fabulous ideas:

  • Our kids are allowed 1 glass of juice at breakfast and 1 glass of milk with supper – the rest of the day the only option is water. 
  • Crystal lite. Start with a full pack then gradually do less! Eventually you’ll need none.
  • I have a mug of ice water that I carry around the house and my kids see it and always want to share it with me. They think it is fun to drink “mommy’s water!”
  • I add one drop lemon, grapefruit, tangerine or lime essential oil. Not only are the as natural as can be, but they are also natural antioxidants and natural detoxers. Oh and they taste yummy. (so say my kids).
  • Juice is a special and rare treat and I still mix it with water for her anyway! She’s just grown up loving it.
  • She does love to drink from my water bottle though and thinks its somehow more special than her own water! So sometimes I give her my bottle as a treat! Lol
  • My kids like it REALLY cold. So I freeze half a bottle and then add water. That way the cold lasts :)

  • That’s how we helped we kids discover the wonders of water. Brita’s new product, the Brita Bottle for Kids, now provides an easy and fun way to have clean, filtered H2O on the go.

    Now I’m curious… 
    How do you encourage your kids to drink more water? 
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