Ever Need a Do-Over?

Ever had one of those times where you just wish you could have a do over? Bad hair cut, spray tan, or maybe your first date threw up in the parking lot. {not that I know anything about that} I think we’ve all had those times where we wish we could just rewind and try again.

Like when we moved in to our house and installed the fridge. We ran to the hardware store and picked up the tube to hook up the ice maker got it all installed and then took off for a mini vacation over Labor Day weekend. We had a great time and headed home. I was starting a my first real post college job the next morning, so we came home around 8 pm to get to bed early and get a good start on the new week.

We pulled in to the garage and collected the first load of bags from the car to take in. We walked in *SQUISH* and our bags dropped. Our floor was one big puddle, from the kitchen to the family room to the living room to the basement. Whoops. Guess that was the wrong tubing. It had burst and run for who knows how long while we were gone.

Mine wasn’t nearly this bad, but I thought this was funny….

A picture of a terribly flooded basement.  Things are floating in the water, the water heater is half-covered in floodwaters, and the whole thing is a mess.

That totally would have been an awesome do-over moment.

I’d love to hear your do-over moment! 
Share it in the comments.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer

I never had a great solution for jewelry. I had things in jewelry boxes, drawers and scattered around. I wanted something to not only keep it organized, but where I could see it all: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings together to coordinate quickly and easily. On a trip to Ikea I found some things that I thought would be perfect for a DIY jewelry organizer, in the kitchen and garden areas of all places.
{I apologize for the pictures. It’s impossible to get a good picture of the back of the door in a room with no windows.}
I thought hard about where to store my collection. Once I started gathering it all I realized what a collection it really was. We don’t have a lot of counter or wall space in our master bath nor did I really want a big mass of jewelry out on display which is why I chose the back of the bathroom door. It gave me a big area to work with which could be in plain site or could be completely hidden away. It was perfect!
(most found at Ikea)
  • Bygel rails
  • Bygel wire basket
  • Bygel plastic s-hooks
  • Socker Plant pots
  • Ring holder
  • Thin ribbon scraps
  • 3/4 inch flathead screws
  • Drill
Just purchase as many as you need to fit your jewelry.

I used three bars: two for necklaces and one for the basket. I used about six packs of s-hooks, one wire basket, and two buckets. I got everything for under $20.


Figure out the configuration on your door. I did short necklaces on top, long necklaces in the middle and buckets for bracelets down lower so I could see easily into the buckets. That just worked out with the panels on my door. 

Install your bars on the door using the flathead screws and drill.
Now start assembling. Attach the wire basket to the bar and remove the metal sheet with the holes from the bottom. Attach it to the bottom of the basket by tying it on with tiny ribbons. Place the buckets in the basket. They won’t go all the way to the bottom now that you removed the metal piece, but that didn’t bother me. Fill your buckets with your bracelets. I have nicer bracelets in little jewelry boxes so they don’t get tangled with the others.

Attach your earrings to the metal piece. Just push the backs all the way to the front if they are hook earrings and will stay on the organizer by themselves.

Place a small ring holder (found mine at the thrift store and painted it) between the buckets and fill with rings. 

Attach the s-hooks (buy the plastic ones, NOT the metal ones so they don’t swing everywhere) to the bars and fill with necklaces. I have two colors of hooks because I ran out and had to buy more and they didn’t have the same colors.

I made this a few weeks ago and have loved it! Having my jewelry hidden away I had forgotten about a lot of it. This way I can see exactly what I have quickly and easily. I have been wearing it a lot more and got rid of some I was ready to part with.

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Cheese Please! {Pepper Jack Turkey Wrap}

There’s a reason we say “Cheese!” when we want someone to smile. It’s because cheese makes everything better. (Sorry to those who are lactose intolerant) I am a big fan of cheese so I was excited when I was asked to share my childhood memories of Kraft Singles. That’s an easy one. We always loved to take a slice and bite holes in it to make a mask. 
My boys took to this practice right away.
While they entertained themselves, I whipped up some Dino grilled cheese with two Kraft singles to make it super melty and gooey. You can pick up the dino sandwich cutter at Wal-mart.
And this is pretty much how lunch went…
Sitting nicely.
Feeding herbivore.
No more pictures please.
Little bro stands, brother unaware of any trouble.
The swipe.
Brother throws a carrot to distract baby.
Baby decides one off the floor by brother feet is good enough.
Big bro laughs at baby eating food off the floor.
Baby goes in for swipe #2 while brother protects his sandwich.
Brother plays keep away with the plate.
Is this how lunch goes at your house?
Once I had that messed cleaned up, I made myself a little lunch.
I was so excited to see that they have multiple flavors of Kraft Singles, Pepper Jack being one of them!
Tortilla (next time I think I’ll do wheat or spinach)
Olive Oil Mayo
Sliced Turkey
Kraft Pepper Jack Singles
Baby Spinach
Avocado Slices
Layer the ingredients on the tortilla and roll it up. Hold it closed with a toothpick and enjoy!
I loved having a healthy lunch with a bit of kick from the pepper jack. I made one for my husband and he loved it too!

Disclosure: As part of the DailyBuzz Moms Featured Publisher Community, I received a coupon for free Kraft Singles (which I didn’t use because I forgot it, whoops.) and a stipend. 

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DIY Under $5 on Summer Break

Hey guys, I have an important announcement. With my husband working and getting his Master’s and no more preschool for the summer I am cutting back to have more time with my family. This is going to be the last DIY Under $5 Party for the next few months. I am going to leave it open so please continue to link up over the summer like you normally would and I will be popping and pinning my favorites as we go along, but there will not be a new party every week. 

Now on with last week’s features and the summer party…

Sunburst Mirror from Decorating Cents
Love the dark stain on the paint sticks!
One cloth five ways from Creative Chaos
I so want one of these super cute and easy wraps!
Pop Tab Tine Can Treats from Practically Functional
I want to do this for Father’s Day!
Pop tab tin cans filled with candy for Mother's Day
Antiqued Clothespin Art from Burton Avenue
She must have the cutest laundry room ever!! Did I mention I have a slight obsession with laundry themed things?
Business Card Holder from Artsy Fartsy Mama
Perfect for all those upcoming blog conferences or heck make it a little wider for your debit and loyalty cards.

I enjoy your $5 projects so much that I decided to add an addition link section for anything under $15! That’s right. It will open up a place to show additional projects that can’t be purchased with an Abe Lincoln, but are still totally affordable! I can’t wait to see more from you!

Please remember:

  • Only link to your own projects that cost you $5 or less (price does not have to include items you had on hand) or $15 or less in the 2nd section.
  • You can link past projects that fit the dollar limit, but please only link each project one time to one DIY Under $5 party. 
  • No linking giveaways or items for sale
  • Please link back so others can join the party and so you have the opportunity to be featured! I will not feature those who do not link back.

DIY under $5

DIY Under $5

DIY Under $15

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