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Having the t shirt headband posted yesterday reminded me of a fun little mini series I came up with one night with my sisters in-law. I lovingly call it t shirt DIY or in other words …

5 Things you can make with an old t shirt!

Once upon a time there was a young maiden who was invited to a ball. It was special gala in celebration of the kingdom winning their region’s athletic competition. The ball was to have a magic light that would make anyone dressed vibrantly glow like the stars.

There was a fair maiden in the land who had nothing suitable to wear. She longed for a top that would gleam with the brightness of the sun. Saddened at the sight of her own closet her mother permissed her to search her quarters for the highly sought after garment.

Something magic happened that night in her mother’s closet. She found the one. The shirt that would put all others to shame. All at once the maiden was joined by three fairy godsisters. Hair was styled, make-up donned and garment transformed in to an 80’s style frock and five different accessories.

The maiden’s look was complete and with one of the Godsisters by her side to watch over her, she traveled across the kingdom to the ball for which she had painstakingly prepared.

1. Earrings-cut tiny strips (2 inch x 1/3 inch) of t shirt. Fold strip in half and loop them around big hoops pulling the ends through the loop. Repeat 5 times per earring for a fringe look.

2. Necklace-Inspired by one I had seen from More is More on Pinterest, tutorial there

3. 80’s style DIY shirt-Cut out neck and cut off some of the bottom if it is too long. Cut about 1 1/2 to 3 inches off the sleeves and fringe the sleeve by cutting vertical slits all around the sleeve. Cut slits all through the body of the shirt.

4. Headbands-Use the part you cut off the sleeve. Lay it flat with the part that is sew together on one end. On the non sewn end cut 2 to 3 slits about halfway through the sleeve. The fabric will roll making it look like 3 or four separate bands. Make a little rosette from leftover fabric and hot glue to one side.

5. Bracelet-Take a piece of the excess fabric (6 inches wide b y 10 or 12 inches long) and cut three slits almost all the way up leaving about an inch of fabric. Use the four strips and braid. Secure the ends together by wrapping with another piece of fabric and hot gluing in place.

All of these t shirt DIY projects are super easy, we did them all in about an hour which is why there are no photos of the steps.

Use them for a fun 80s costume or use some pretty fabric and have a bundle of cute accessories to wear anytime.

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