Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let Me Reply to Your Comments...Pretty Please

What?! You don't have your email listed on your profile?

No worries, House of Smith's has a tutorial on how to add your email to your blogger profile. I did not realize how many people did not have their emails connected until I tried replying to comments and trying to contact giveaway winners. {Please} add your emails if you have not. I really want to be able to communicate with you! You leave me such fun comments and I go to reply back and get a {no reply}. Sadness.

Also, for giveaways, if you do not leave your email in the comments or have it linked to your profile I pick a new winner. I am lazy, if I cannot contact you, you cannot win.

So go, do it today. Then, next time you leave a comment I can chat with you instead of getting the "talk to the hand" reply. Let's be friends.

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Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Can I add an AMEN??? PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Wow, I had NO idea how to do that! I always thought people just typed it in manually every time they left a comment! LOL! Thanks for all you do!

♥ilovemy5kids♥ said...

Oh, so agree! Ditto! AMEN!

Okay, enough flattery.

Lana @ ilovemy5kids

Kara said...

When I had the google fiasco a few months ago, my email somehow started not showing up when I left comments. Shelly was the one who let me know about it. Love her! I bet there are bloggers out there like me that didn't even know about this. Glad you shared it again!

Naomi said...

I had NO idea!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip. It seems so basic, but I never realized. Since you are offering advice, how do you grab a button from a blog? I'm really lost and technologically challenged!! That would be huge! I want to link up and have no idea how to do any of it!! =)

mommay8 said...


A Musing Mother said...

That is a HILARIOUS picture!

Steph said...

Darn... I was hoping that was going to say "Let me give you this really cute baby".

Great tutorial share.