YWYM Mutual Theme Be Strong and of a Good Courage Tile

I love this year’s Young Men Young Women Mutual theme! Be strong and of a good courage. I mean they are always good, but I feel like this is just what our youth need right now. I know there are a gazillion theme ideas out there, but I wanted to share what we do in our ward.

Each year we make a mutual theme tile display to put on the table in our YW room. Each week during opening exercises and after we recite the YW theme, we recite the mutual theme. We also have a copy of the theme laminated that we use to recite it with the YM on mutual night.

The kids learn it really fast and I love that they have it memorized! That way they can recite it in their heads whenever they may need it.

I made the tile this year. It was so easy. I just covered it with some scrapbook paper, printed out the theme, chalked the edges and added some embellishments. I already had everything I needed at home.

Remember these courage washer necklaces we made for our Beehives for Christmas? They are a fun way to reinforce the theme too!

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    i may be stupid but what did you mean when you said you “chalked” the edges on the ym/yw theme? and did you just glue the scrapbook paper to the tile then glue the theme to the scrapbook paper. in other words, i need more instructions. please!

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    I did just glue them all together. By chalking the edges I meant I used a q-tip to add some teal chalk to the edge of the theme paper to add dimension and shading. I should have clarified.

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