New Sew Fleece Blankets and Disney’s Give a Day

Everyone has seen cozy fleece blankets, but have you made your own? They are really easy and require only five supplies.

Supplies Needed for No Sew Fleece Blankets:

  • Fleece (I used 2 yards for each blanket, $4.44/yd at Wal-Mart)
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary tool
  • Measuring tool
  • Masking tape

1. Lay out your fleece and cut off the selvage.
2. Cut 3 inch squares out of each corner. Mark with masking tape from corner to corner so you know where to cut your fringe to.
3. Cut two finger thick and 3 inch long strips with the rotary cutter down the edges to make the fringe.
4. Fold the fringe up toward the center of the blanket and cut tiny slits in the center of each strip.

5. Pull the end of the strip through the slit. Repeat with all strips going through the slits in the same direction.

I think they turned out really nice and the best part is they went to Project Linus who makes blankets for children in the hospital.

We did this as part of Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Day Program where you give a day of service and receive a voucher for a free day at Disneyland. Not bad! But, I hear they have almost reached the limit of one million people for the free ticket program so act fast if you are interested in volunteering. See all the info here.

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  1. says

    We just finished doing this. There are 5 in our family, so for 5 tickets, we made 15 blankets. My mother in law GAVE us all the fleece. And my kids tied all the blankets. They are so excited to go to Disneyland!

  2. says

    Again… CRAFT REMEDIAL!!! I have wanted to make those cute little fleece blanket/throws before and didn’t even attempt it. But maybe I will give it a whirl…

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