Wednesday, September 16, 2009

YW lesson 36: Importance of Truth Object Lesson & Handout

YW lesson 36 talks a lot about how truth does not change and teaches us how to know what is truth and what are Satan's lies. To demonstrate this I brought a rock to represent truth and a balloon to represent Satan. I talked about how the rock is solid and does not change if I drop it or the wind and rain fall upon on it. Then, I got out the balloon to demonstrate how Satan will start small and catch us with something that does not seem so bad. Then, I blew in to the balloon once. My example was lying to your parents about knowing what time it was when you came in past curfew. I then continued to list things it could lead to (bigger lies) until I had a big full balloon. Then I talked about how eventually Satan's bubble will pop and I poked the balloon with a pin.

I made the following Importance of Truth handout to go along with it. I used the little chart from the lesson and put a little rock next to God's plan and a stapled balloon next to Satan's to help them to remember the analogy.

YW lesson 36: Importance of truth handouts
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(Grandma in Utah) said...

When can we expect Octobers Visiting Teaching
Handout? Would like to do mine at the first of
the month.

Anonymous said...

I liked your object lesson a lot. I am planning on using it this Sunday! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!!

Aapree said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas for this lesson. They are great! I also plan on using it for my lesson. Thanks so much!

LeAnn said...

This is such a great idea. Thanks for being so willing to share it!!

Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing this idea! I plan on using it for my lesson this Sunday.

Tara said...

This is such a darling idea! Thank you for taking the time to share your creativity. You are awesome. :)

Justin Scott said...

I like the idea, but it doesn't make sense. For every mistake, a breath goes into the balloon, I get that.

What does it mean when the balloon pops due to too much air?

What does it mean when Satan's bubble pops? Have we tried to find truth, so his 'bubble' pops?

Trying to find a good object lesson for my lesson.