Feature Friday-Crystal (Summer Learning Activity Plans)

Our Feature Friday this week is Christy from the Harris Family! She is one of my top commenters and you know how I LOVE comments! Yay! See her on the sidebar at #4! This girl is so on top of things! She does preschool at home and has the cutest activities and lessons for her adorable girls! They have so much fun and learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colors in the process. And she’s documented it all so we can use them!

Let’s get it started with the one-minute interview!

  • What is your favorite crafting tool or secret weapon? Paper cutter. My favorite Hobby is scrapbooking so I use it all the time. It also come in handy when I prepare most of our “preschool” activities.
  • If you had one day to do anything with your kids with no expense or hindrance, what would it be? This might be lame or predictable but I would love to take them to Disney World. We were going to go a few months ago but the cost was just a little to high. Aubrey LOVES princesses and I would love to see her meet one while she is still in this phase.
  • Would you say you are a morning person or a night owl? I am definitely a night owl.
  • What is your go to item to fix for dinner when you find yourself in a time crunch? My go to item is probably chicken. I often boil it and then figure out what to do next. Most of our favorite meals include chicken.
  • Is there anything on the doors of your fridge(i.e. pictures, menu, special magnets, etc.)? Our fridge is covered in family pictures and number magnets. My girls really like to play with the magnets.
Crystal started a preschool in her home for her girls and we get to reap all the benefits! They pick a letter each week for ABC learning and then do activities all that week to keep with the theme.
I love the noodle hair!

She also made a book of letters using the events of 2008. She is going to turn it in to a DVD with music too! I love this idea. My little guys would love watching this!

Here is one of the most recent activity plans all about Elephants for Letter of the Week E and this is not even half of it! You have got to go check out the rest. There may even be painting with the brush in your mouth! You’ll see why!

This is the perfect visual reminder of what starts with the letter E!
This is a great way to teach shapes and counting while keeping with the Elephant theme!
These hand print elephants and too cute! I never would have thought of that!

How about this cute flag craft? How could I resist one more RWB craft? I love the crooked stripes that fall off the edges! Crystal trimmed them for the finished product, but I think I would leave them. They add that element of fun and whimsy!
Be a better babysitter by bringing B is for Butterfly! Ok, that was my sad attempt at using all Bs. :) For those with boys, like me, it could be B is for bugs or balls.
What a cute little shape matching game. I bet they would do this over and over!

This activity uses color matching with the wings. I’m starting to feel slightly guilty about telling my little guy to go play in the playroom. I so need to get with it!

I am a big fan of coordinating treats. Who am I kidding? I am all about the treats. How about some Butterfly Blonde Brownies. All those Bs!

Now for the icing on the cake..or the pudding on the tin foil. Now that I have braved finger paints, I may try painting with pudding next! My little guy would go crazy with this.
The thing I love most about all of these activities is that they are so simple! You don’t need fancy dancy contraptions or expensive products. You have most of the supplies needed already! They are simple, economical and FUN!

Great ideas Crystal! You are now entered in the Hall of Fame as Tipper of the Week!

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    Yeah for The Harris Family Blog! It is a great blog and one I check daily. Talk about a creative and clever Mom! So glad you featured the Harris’!

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