Friday, March 13, 2009

Feature Friday-Monaca

It's time for Feature Friday again and this time I am featuring my husband's cousin MoNaCa from Las Vegas.

I am loving this first bit of genius. She ran in to the same problem I had over over New Years, not being able to find a sled. We both went to 3+ stores to no avail. She was a bit more creative than me and picked up this big plastic storage container at Big Lots and off they went.
I thought I would throw this one in since last weekend my parents got 12 inches and we got 6 inches, but good luck finding a sled in a store in March. Since I saw this idea I have been noticing lots of things around the house that would work. What about a laundry basket or baby bathtub? Those remind me of riding a bike with training wheels, the sides would keep your kid from falling off (or should I say out).

These next two ideas are from her daughters bday party. Aren't these cupcake cones adorable and super fun to eat?

After the conecakes, she had a little bit of batter left over, so she put it in a bread pan and make this mini cell phone cake for her to have at home. Good call! (I am so punny!)

Great ideas Monaca! You are now entered in to the hall of fame as Tipper of the Week!

Don't forget the photo/video montage giveaway ends today at 5pm MST so get your entries in now!